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Fat Loss Under Eyes by Laser - Bangalore, India

I used to have dark circle under eyes, little prominent under right eye (there was a small and fine crack as well) due to one small previous injury got few yrs back, I started using Retin A 0.5% cream under right eye only from month of April’11, after 3 days continuous use, I got burn by mid April. On Dr recommendation, taken 1st treatment of RF for 10min under both eyes on... READ MORE

Botox Spoiled my Under Eye Skin - Bangalore, India

I am 28, made a mistake 5 months back used retin A under right eye 3 days, got the eye burn and turned right eye dark. My Doc suggested me to have 1 unit botox to stop skin movement for 1-2 months and 4 sessions of Revlite laser for skin tonning. Trusting on Doc without knowing about any treatment i agreed for both. Instead of 1 unit, she injected 2 units not diluated botox under right eye... READ MORE

Questions from smriti

Will Fat Transfer Help to Improve Under Eyes Skin?

I had taken couple of laser sessions under eyes around 6 to 9 months back for dark circle reduction (last was ~6mns back, taken 7 sessions). I have got fat atrophy, skin is... READ MORE

Can Minimum Fat Be Inserted Like Filler in Non Surgical Way?

I had recently taken fat under eyes, upper eyelid and near eyebrow corners. today is 5th day. Left under eye looks overfilled swollen and with ridge from eye corner, upper... READ MORE

What is Good for Under Eye Scar (Thin and Rough), Fat Injection or Skin Graft ?

I had an accident 4 yrs back, got an scar of finger digit size on under eyes, With time thin and rough skin grown up . I have recieved fat under eyes to cure it. Overall... READ MORE

Will Filler Smooth and Heal the Injured Skin Under Eyes (Burnt by Retin A High Uses, Having Rough and Thin Skin)?

Will Filler Smooth and Heal the Injured Skin Under Eyes (Burnt by Retin A High Uses, Having Rough and Thin Skin)? READ MORE

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Pls avoid laser completely! I am young like you, burnt lot of fat from face after taking couple of sessions of laser.. My face became hollowed, sagging, finally after long waiting 2fat graft session, I dont look like me now... I lost... READ COMMENT

Don't panic, You will be normal may be after 1yr or more Today I completed 1 yr to have 2 unit botox under right eye... Eye muscle back to normal quite a lot (still somewhat loose and droopy, like aged by 7-8 yrs .. still recovering... READ COMMENT

Dear Friends!! It is tough time. We all might have lost confidence but please try to enjoy it.. Forget about self uglies.. Botox will wear off in 6mns to 1yr.. No treatment can cure it fast!! READ COMMENT

My bad luck i had lots of laser treatments to wear off BTX faster.. I got severe fat atrophy under eyes though BTX worn off after 7-7.5 mns. taken minimal fat transfer under eyes (around 3cc) that was almost absorbed in 8 days (80+% in... READ COMMENT

Wait for 6-9 months, it will wear off! Please dont take any proceedure further. join a zym and do exercise regularly that may help somewhat READ COMMENT