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Still Groggy and Sore but Thrilled -Pasadena, CA

I had a breast lift and 500cc silicone high profile implant placed under the muscle after breast feeding 3 kids and losing 140 pounds. I'm very sore but it's manageable with the pain meds he prescribed. I tried really hard to choose the best size implNt for a full but natural look and feel like with dr otooles help I was able to make the right decision. Dr. Otoole is very kind and attentive,... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck - Walnut Creek, CA

Hanging skin after 3 pregnancies and Weight Loss Surgery I had my surgery Monday and am pretty sore still but am amazing even with all the swelling how much smaller my mid section is! Dr. Behmand removed 5.9 pounds of tissue from my stomach and another 4 pounds with lipo from my back and flanks. I passed out a few times at the surgery center. The first time I got up to pee I passed out on... READ MORE

Questions from Jennafuuur

Tummy Tuck Constipation Can I Pull Internal Sutures

I know this sounds silly. I am super constipated from my pain killers. I am 5 days out and just stopped taking them. I am taking colace twice a day and drinking a ton of water.... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Belly Button to Bleed 1 Week Post Tummy Tuck?

At my four day appointment the doctor changed my belly button dressing and it stayed white for a few hours. I am exactly a week out today and it is soaked in blood again. I... READ MORE

How Much Cup Size Do You Lose with a Breast Lift?

I did a tummy tuck after losing 100 pds and am now wanting to lift my breasts. I was a 40E before and always had larger breast even before becoming over weight. I am currently... READ MORE

Getting a Tummy Tuck Extended (Area Above Tush)? (photo)

I had a TT and now wish I did a 360 What are the industry norms: 1. Can a new doctor to do the back and have it match up w/ the TT? 2. My TT scars are low, are back ones hidden... READ MORE

Capsular Contracture, Do Rates Vary a Lot from One Dr to Another? Is It Dumb Luck or Technique?

Im looking at doing a bl/ba I want a silicone implant. 2 of my friends have a Capsular Contractions. One at 8 months out in 1 breast, she passed on the recommended lift only... READ MORE

Surgery on Monday going with 550 silicone unders. Any idea how that relates to cup size? (photo)

I'm doing a bl/ba.Monday. I lost 140 pounds and tons if volume. I'm a saggy d now looking to be a full d. My dr says Ill have about a b cup breast after The reduction and based... READ MORE

4 days PO, one breast has a lot more bruising and redness, should I be concerned? (photo)

It has been 4 days since my ba/bl one breast was more swollen early on it's left and was larger and dr said we'd make it smaller. Would that make it more swollen and tight? It... READ MORE

2 wks post bl/ba, one breast seems great the other is high, sore and tight. Any advise? (photo)

At 6 days out one breast became higher had been fine became higher/tight. Its sore in the upper muscle. I did my surgery 6 hrs away, saw my dr before I left He removed sutures... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to get my right breast to drop? IS this typical 4 weeks after BA? (photos)

I am 4 weeks out today. My left breast has dropped a ton! It feels and looks good while my right hurts and is very high making it's shape odd. It's very sore by the end of the... READ MORE

Why is my right implant riding high, and still painful? 500cc silicone unders w/ full lift.

My left has fully settled but right is high. It has come down a bit but nothing like the other. It makes my nipples off center, gives the right undropped breast a weird tubular... READ MORE

I am 4 months post op, lift/500 silicone unders. One high, tight, sore, one low with no pole volume. Do I need revision? (Photo)

I am 4 mo out from my lift/aug 500 sil. under. My right never settled actually got higher a week after surgery. Ive worn the strap massages everything and its not moving. It... READ MORE

Revision 8/5 after bottomed out and asymmetry. 500 sil unders HP. How to fix this and the long saggy look they have? (Photo)

500 hp sil und. L bottomed out R high implant low nipple. Weird long shape not like implanted breasts. Was clear no bigger than d cup. I know can't promise size but I'm now a... READ MORE

Recent comments from Jennafuuur

I'm 5'5 140 but thicker as I've lost a lot of weight. I did 500 silicone HP unders. With a lift. I regret doing HP.... They look great BUT very hard to get cleavage... I wish I did mods READ COMMENT

Thx for this post I'm using him in December for post Bariatric surgery and am nervous about Mexico READ COMMENT

Ya the left nipple pops outa my bra!!! The right implant is still really high. If he will cover implant cost is do. 350 or 400 READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for the info I will bring this up in July when I see him I'm sure left is bottomed out. Wish I was like 100cc or more smaller with the right profile! I'm really pissed to have spent so much traveled 7 hours away and be... READ COMMENT

I have about 3 inches of wrinkly skin on my inner thigh I'd like removed. READ COMMENT