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Gummy Bear Low Profile 440 Over??confused!help Plz!

Hello...i'm a little bit confused.I'm 169cm,59 kg...and flat B breast cup.I was adviced to go for 440 Low profile or 490 low profile over my muscles inspire implants(my... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Achieve The Breast Augmentation Results I Desire?

Hello..I'm flat B or maybe C cup..not really sure about it.:)..169cm high,and 62kg weight....Implants which I chose are gummy bears and would like to go not bigger than D... READ MORE

Left:445cc, It Right Size?pictures Added. I had my last appointment with doc before my BA surgery...We decided to go for moderate profile ,left:TRM445,and right:TRM485 gummy bear implants overs...He said that... READ MORE

What Does TRM Mean?

...My surgeon and I we decided to go for moderate profile ,left:TRM445,and right:TRM485 gummy bear implants overs my muscles...but I don't know what does TRM mean??help plz... READ MORE

Resposive or Soft Touch Inspire Implants?!

Confused....I"m going to have TRM445 inspire implants.....What is the different between congestive and soft touch implants...?are they both gummy bear's type?Is the... READ MORE

Opinions Of CUI Implants?

I've got a CUI MicroCellTM Textured Silicone Gel-Filled Breast Implant, DRIETM Round, Low Profile.....are they cohesive or not?thank you READ MORE

Could Nurofen Be The Cause Of My Hematoma After BA?

I just came back from hospital after having very serious hematoma. I was 11 days after operation,when I noticed that my right breast is little bit bigger since day before..I... READ MORE

I Got 470cc Low Profile, Over the Muscle, Did I Make the Right Decision? (photo)

I was flat C breast cup before my BA...I had 470cc CUI low profiles,overs implants...Was it a good choice?..take a look at my pictures plz and tell me what do you think..:).... READ MORE