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Scars After Plastic Surgery: What Can I Do to Lessen Them?

Hello, I had surgery a little more than a year ago, ie, lip reduction, eye and nose surgery. After all that time all the scars are still visible (though not alarmingly). The... READ MORE

Dark Scar on Columella After Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I had open rhino 2 years ago and am unhappy with the resulting columellar scar which itself is a thin white line but the area around it is darker. You don't really see... READ MORE

Columella Uneven After Open Rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty a couple of years ago. While the scar healed rather well (only a very faint line visible), it has 1) become a bit hard (hard tissue, like a bump below the... READ MORE

Scarless Nostril Reduction Procedure?

Hello, has anyone more details about the "scarless" methods? "Scarless Alar Base Reduction: A New, Simple and Safe Method" by Natalie Rainger (AUS) There must be methods... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Avoid Upper Blepharoplasty Scars?

I had upper blepharoplasty some years ago and have scars which look like thin white lines. They're still visible though, and my dentist, ophtalmologist and so on all noticed... READ MORE

Can you reduce malar fat?

The right side of my face protrudes a little too much at the level where the malar fat sits. Especially in profile or 3/4, it makes my face look round (convex) and girly. Maybe... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce this part of the face? (photo)

(in red) It's not exactly the cheekbone that Korean surgeons routinely shave, nor the buccal fat pad which sits lower and more backwards. Is there a way to reduce this? I've... READ MORE

Can you reduce that area of the cheek? (Photo)

The area highlighted in red in the picture projects more (it's fatter or bulkier) on one side of my face than the other. It's rather obvious in 3/4 view. Is there a way to... READ MORE

What does your nose feel like after an augmentation?

I'm thinking about having a nasal augmentation but would like to know what typical results feel like to the touch. Is your nose as flexible as before? Can you pinch it, squeeze... READ MORE

What are typical results after lip reduction scar-wise?

I've had lip reduction a few years ago. At rest they look ok (inconspicuously thin red line, more obvious depending on lighting. Not ultra smooth along the incision line but... READ MORE

I want that part of my cheek reduced. Can buccal fat pad removal help me? (Photo)

This photo shows exactly what part of my cheeks need reducing, especially the upper half. Is this where the Bichat fat pads are located? READ MORE

Would (could) you remove a 2-inch-wide occipital lipoma?

It's covered by hair but if I shaved my head, my lipoma would look a bit like this (only larger): One surgeon said it's very delicate to excise lipomas from that area, as they... READ MORE

Best method for natural-feeling nose augmentation?

I'd like to get a bridge/dorsum augmentation but want my nose to feel absolutely natural afterwards, by which I mean it should feel like bone to the touch and should last a... READ MORE

Follow-up: What would my nose feel/be like after an augmentation?

I asked in a previous question (we really should be able to add further questions to the same thread) if there was a good method for augmenting the dorsum while keeping a... READ MORE

Is it possible to alter eyelid crease shape and eyelid margin shape?

1) Eyes look droopy for some reason I can't clearly identify because the outer corner sits higher than the inner corner. Guess it's the shape of the eyelid margin that slopes... READ MORE