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When Can I Masturbate (Just Had Rhinoplasty)

I'm a female and had rhinoplasty yesterday and I didn't bruise at all (my eyes are slightly yellowish/olive, not raccoon-ish at all). My nose is cleared (I can breathe)... READ MORE

Why Did my Surgeon Shave off my Bone?

I had a nosejob almost a year ago because I had a hump on the bridge and a droopy nose. So I got it done. The bridge looked nice and straight, but the tip was bulbous and... READ MORE

Does a Nose Tip Elongate Years After Rhinoplasty?

I'm turning 20 now. I had a bad nosejob when I was 18 - my nose was upturned (the tip was fat, elevated and pointing upwards). 7 months later I had another surgery - now my... READ MORE

Can a Non-surgical Nosejob Work for a Tip Refinement?

I had an actual surgical nosejob 10 months ago where the doctor shaved off my bone. It was a tough one. I was very bruised (my eyes and face even) afterwards for over 3 weeks... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Who Generally Does Anesthesia Do Twilight for Me?

I had my nose done under twilight anesthesia. It was like a breeze. I need another nosejob cos my nose is awful - It's been over a year now, btw. Anyway, I heard of this... READ MORE

Can a Crooked Nose from Another Bad Rhinoplasty Be Fixed?

My surgeon added implant on my 2nd rhinoplasty. Months later it has extruded from its place. On my 2nd rhinoplasty (revision), he shaved off my bone again (I guess to make... READ MORE