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Botox Injection in Neck for Fibromyalgia: Now Have Extreme Side Effects

In one week I got muscle pains in the back of my neck. I could tolerate this but it got worse and actually moved down my neck to both shoulders and fineally moved to the... READ MORE

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That was two years ago and it still has not worn off. (I am sure the botox has worn off but it has done permanent damage to something) Any lawyers out there? READ COMMENT

No more side effects. still taking gabapentin after two years. if i miss one dose my shoulder "reminds" me. If I miss two I actually get slightly depressed. Is gaba an antidepressant too? I see most of the remarks are from people... READ COMMENT

It is now over two years. I am sure the botox has worn off but its effects have not. If I do not take gabapentin three times a day the pain in my shoulder is unbearable. How does someone contact the makers of botox? READ COMMENT

What is a dentist doing giving botox? Who next a chiropractor? Even the neuroligist who gave me the injections did not expect the pain I am having. I had to give her the idea that gabapentin might stop the reaction from the botox side... READ COMMENT

I know what you man about pain. I am waiting on an answer to my question now. (only asked it yesterday) Got the injections in my neck and in one week the pain started in my neck and then traveled down my back. It has now settled in my... READ COMMENT