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Vaser London

I had vaser done last Wednesday and now, almost a week later I feel very good. The results are good although I think we didn't quite understand each other with the surgeon. It's only been a week so I won't start fretting just yet, especially that it does look good- I just wanted a slightly different goal achieved. What I'm absolutely freaking out about now though is a link... READ MORE

Questions from KateLondon

Wanted Open Rhino- Doc Performed Closed. Unhappy 1-Week Post-Op

I Had Rhinoplasty a Week Ago, my Plaster Has Been Taken off Today. I'm Quite Dissapointed to Find That Although the Nose Has tidied up a bit and does look better, all the... READ MORE

Will Severe Vomiting 2 Weeks Post-Op Damage Results?

It's 12 Days After my Rhinoplasty and Two Days Ago I Developed Severe Nausea Which has caused severe vomiting in the last 2 days. I can feel the blood rushing and pressure... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Have Injections to Bring the Swelling Down 6 Weeks Post-Op Rhinoplasty?

I'm 6 weeks after rhinoplasty and the swelling of my nose is still very prominent. I'm a model and I can't spend much more time waiting for this to go down. If I... READ MORE

Is It Alright to Start Taking a Multivitamin Complex Straight After Vaser Liposculpture?

I still have fluid seeping out, will vit E make it more severe? also, what kind of incisions are made to get rid of the 'banana roll' and then to inject fat into the... READ MORE

Grafts and the Area Between the Eyes? (photo)

The area between my eyes is uneven causing my eyes to appear of different sizes on photos.The bridge of my nose however is much thinner and then the nose spreads again on the... READ MORE

End Result Width of Bridge More or Less Visible Under Cast?

Is the size of my nose, particularly the width of the bridge, more or less possible to be determined with my cast still on? I know that after taking the cast off it swells but... READ MORE

Short term cheek augmentation filler before fat grafting?

I've been looking at fat grafting as a way to enhance my cheeks and cheek bones. I've been told it's the best and easiest way to achieve long term and natural results.I can... READ MORE

Facial features less attractive after vampire facelift? Pure selphyl, no fillers added, two weeks post-procedure.

While the skin seems rejuvenated and small wrinkles have disappeared, my face overall looks more 'bloated' and 'butchy' although swelling has definitely vanished. Lots of... READ MORE

I love Kim Kardashians surgery results, I have similar features to her original nasal bone structure How can I find her surgeon?

I'm very determined to get specific results because this will be my third and final rhinoplasty. I simply can't afford to go on a hit and miss basis anymore, it seems like each... READ MORE

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a US rhinoplasty surgeon worth travelling for?

Hi, I'm desperate for a recommendation. Everywhere, everyone keeps repeating how important recommendations are but when a question like this pops up, everyone's... READ MORE

did you gain weight after vaser?

I know there was a similar thread about regular liposuction- and now, a week after vaser liposelection, I'm petrified that it's the same with this procedure!   has... READ MORE

Recent comments from KateLondon

Http://www.realself.com/forum/gain-weight-after-liposuction its definitely not a matter of swelling. My friend looked good once the swelling subsided at first, then she plainly gained weight. She never had problems with her weight... READ COMMENT

Hi, I have the same problem- I just want to look better, have a more precise nose 'done'. All the before and afters really do show only really bad noses gone 'ok'. I want something that would change the whole attractiveness of the face.... READ COMMENT