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Dr Somyos Kunachak - Bangkok, Thailand

I live in Australia and having had many surgery here to try and correct bad rhinoplasty after bad rhinoplasty , I was so eternally grateful to finally find professor somyos kunachak . this doctor is a miracle worker and has such a spot on aesthetic eye . For anyone considering traveling from elsewhere to Thailand for surgery here at yoskarn, i assure you will be pleased beyond your... READ MORE

Any Feedback on Experience MUCH Appreciated - Australia, AU

Can anyone give me their feedback and experience with this procedure. I am considering having this done, but i am wanting to hear back from people. So difficult to find anyone who has had this done! please help, thanks so much I live in Perth, western australia, have ALWAYS been unable to build my calf muscles and they are very thin 12.5 mm . READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty - Australia

I can not emphasise enough, the importance of doing adequate research on surgeons. Having had 6 rhinoplasty operations, i can say first hand, that it is a roller coaster when surgery fails. And it does happen. So ensure that you consult many surgeons and read as many reviews etc regarding their work, as there is nothing worse than a botchy nose job. And be sure to have realistic... READ MORE

Questions from ausgal

Are 6 Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeries Too Many?

I have had five surgeries now as the first 4 were a complete disaster and the last surgeon had to totally reconstruct my nose with cartilage and fascia grafts. my nose is... READ MORE

Swelling After 6 Rhinoplasties

Hello, ive had five rhinoplasties. sounds like a lot, which it is, but i had a surgeon botch my nose three times and it took a good surgeon two goes to correct it. my last... READ MORE

Healing After 6 Rhinoplasties

Should i expect my nose to take longer to heal as i have had so many rhinoplasties? i have read that the more you have had, the slower is the healing process ie.swelling. i had... READ MORE

Will Steroid Injections Help with Swelling 1 Year Post-Op Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty 12 months ago . I had quite a complex revision with fascia graft and rib grafting . The Dr placed fascia graft all over my nose , not just in areas where... READ MORE

Kenalog injection post rhinoplasty, thoughts?

Hello Doctors , would like to know expert advice on the best time to do kenalog injection post rhino . I had a revision rhino done 5 weeks ago . There is a very stubborn hard... READ MORE

How can I have a cyst removed from my nose?

Hello I had revision rhinoplasty performed 3 months ago The surgeon made an external excision on my nose to correct some very bumpy skin that was not able to be corrected in... READ MORE

Skin bumpiness after rhinoplasty. Can you recommend a non invasive treatment?

Hello I had a revision rhino done 4 months ago . It appears that on one side of my nose , there has formed " cobblestone " type scarring of my skin . It's bumpy and hard . It's... READ MORE

Cobblestone scarring post Rhinoplasty.

I have developed cobblestone scarring post rhinoplasty . It has been 4 months since op and is not subsiding . What are my treatment options ? Laser ??? And which type would... READ MORE

1 yr post op tip implant, is it possible to have it altered in a closed technique so that it appears slightly more refined?

Hello I received a tip implant a year ago and my question for dr is ... If I'm a bit unhappy with the size of the tip implant , is it possible to have it altered in a closed... READ MORE

How to thin down thick skin on dorsum of nose.

After a previous rhinoplasty 3 years ago my skin thickened. I have tried cortisone injections and needling to help with breaking up any scar tissue or residual swelling .... READ MORE

What is the best laser for facial redness?

Hello , I wish to obtain advice on which laser is best to treat facial redness and obvious facial veins . I think I may have a mild form of Rosacea . I have done a little bit... READ MORE

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May i ask how you found the recovery process? READ COMMENT

I am so sad to read your story. i too have been greatly affected by failed rhinoplasties. i regret ever touching my nose, but primary concern was difficulty breathing. so mine wasnt purely cosmetic. six rhinoplasties later , my nose has... READ COMMENT

Don't stress , you can find someone who can give you a cartilage graft as I think that is what you need . Adding cartilage will help give your nose definition . Just do lots of research and find a good surgeon . I had 5 unsuccessful... READ COMMENT

I had rib and fascia graft in april. let me tell you, i am also very swollen. my nose is only now starting to come down and it is nearly 3 months post surgery. i have had 5 previous rhinoplasties, all very unsuccessful. i think you need... READ COMMENT