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Hate my Sculptra Face - Spain

One vial was injected as a touch up in an area that was injected 1 year ago. One year ago it was injected in the lateral parts of the face which worked out perfectly, this time a new derm injected everything in the cheek hollows. Its 20 days and my before defined, sweet looking face is looking gross, hard looking and older, the hole jawline is looking bigger and less defined. No contours,... READ MORE

Questions from hatesculptra

Very Scared 16 Days After Sculptra- is It Growth Already?

A doc injected me 1 Vial of sculptra as a touch up.Before the injection was on the sides of the face along the jaw, just beneath the cheek bone and a little bit in the cheek... READ MORE

Can Injection in Cheek Hollows Change Shape of Face and Whole Jawline Making It Look Bigger and More Squared?

1 vial was injected as a touch up in an area that was injected 1 year ago. 1 year ago it was injected in the lateral parts of the face which worked out perfectly, this time a... READ MORE

Hate Sculptra Results...4 Weeks! Would Kenalog or 5FU Help?

4 weeks now since my sculptra treatment for cheek hollows.it changed completely my looks.I have naturally a fine, sweet face,(asian shape, wide, small and more kind of flat) no... READ MORE

Almost 3 Months After Sculptra...how Long Will It Take to Get my Original Face and Features Back?

3 months after a doc injected 1 vial of sculptra in my cheek hollows I am left with a chipmunk face, changed the planes, contors, feateres of my face, I do not look like me... READ MORE

Can Fraxel Restore Help to Reduce Sculptra Lumps and Volume?

Some doctors on realself said that fraxel could help with sculptra bumps, noduels and hardening tissue, is it possible that it could help as well to reduce unwanted volume?... READ MORE

Breast Revision with No Pocket Revision, I Got New Implants but Was Left with Same Problem, What Should I do? (photo)

I had 4 years ago a breast implant, the surgeon pushed me into a teardrop implant which was placed too high and lateraly falling into my armpits and never looked good. I asked... READ MORE

Can Sculptra After 2 Weeks Be Further Diluted and Massaged into Other Areas?

I have recieved too much sculptra in the jaw 2 weeks ago, which makes my face very wide and masculine, while the hollows above in my cheeks are even more accentuated. The jaw... READ MORE

Fraxel Restore in Only 4 Passes?

I went to a new clinic to have a fraxel restore treatment, when we finished I was checking the screen it was put 15/4/4. I am very swollen still 2 days after, much more swollen... READ MORE

Gentle Yag Vs IPL Vs VBEAM Vs Fraxel Restore?

What is the difference between these lasers? whcih is the best option for skin rejuvenation (to improve quality, tone and color of skin) and has less risks / side effects? READ MORE

Permanent Damage from Gentle Yag Laser? (photo)

I had 1 gentle yag on the face with too many pulses per spot/ area ,5 passes, she did the pulses and passes very fast .3 weeks later, my skin looks detoriated, saggy and... READ MORE

Strange Outcome of Botox for 11s. What Went Wrong?

I got botox for the 11s. he injected above the brow very much in the centre and as well right below the root of the brow. Now i can still frown but it stops in the centre... READ MORE

Should I be concerned? Looking worse week by week after Facelift with removal of permanent filler in nlf and cheekbones.

RF was applied after facelift for 2 weeks. i dont know if its the facelift or the RF damaging my skin.I looked better by week 3 than now.Its 6 weeks and i look uneven,... READ MORE

2 months...implant dont drop...one shifted even more upwards and to the side...time will fix this? (photos)

Got a breast reduction with 260 cc HP texturized implants, submuscular placement. The first weeks everything looked fine but now i feel that the implants are much higher giving... READ MORE

Is this still swelling? Higher cheekbones and wider face 2 months after Facelift.

I had a facelift to remove permanent filler, nothing else discussed except the removal of excess skin after filler and fibrosis are removed from nlf and cheeks.My face is... READ MORE

I'm very unhappy with facelift results. Any suggestions?

I had a permanent filler removal( cheeks and nl folds) cbined with a face lift.The doctor folded the smas over my bone ( which is already over developed.i am russiam) which... READ MORE

Second breast revision failed again. Implants moved up again despite of wearing a belt which overstretched my skin and my areola

I had anatomic implants ( 350 cc) 4 yrs ago which started just below the collarbone.finally i wanted to get rid of my so hated implants.I did mastopexy and 250cc HP implants. I... READ MORE

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Hello the german doctor called dr. Kai kaye, his clinic is in marbella ( ocean clinic) READ COMMENT

Same happened to me bioalcamid deformed my face , i am young as well, hated my face, my big cheeks and sunken tiny eyes and a reputated very skilled german ps took it out via deep plane face lift with incision like yours but he had to... READ COMMENT

No... In fact it has grown even more over the years...i guess for the time sculptra is in your skin it can cause a fibrotic reaction to the stuff. in some cases ( like mine) it causes a obvious overreaction! It totally changed my face... READ COMMENT

4 years... And still cronic inflamation... As you said one momemt good another moment i look totally out of balance... READ COMMENT

How are you now? READ COMMENT