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not worth it,can't breathe good need septoplasty now

I'm currently 5 months into my rhinoplasty&am not quite sure what I think. I like my nose better than before the surgery but considering the money I spent it's not exactly what I wanted,most of the bump I had on my nose was taken away but I still have a small one and don't think... READ MORE

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Bad Smell,is It an Infection?

I got a nose job bout 3 weeks ago,past few days I noticed a smell frm my nose,is it infected? I still have the dissolvible stitches in my nose,is it the stitches&it's... READ MORE

Bad Nose Job? (Photos)

Got my nose done 2yrs ago sometimes it looks swollen,is it still healing? Also my nose is crooked,my surgeon said it wasn't&he'd prob make it worse be4 better,I think it's... READ MORE

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Review on E-light?

Anybody ever heard of the e-light(ipl&rf)skin treatment&hair removal machine (xy200) Anybody know if it actually works? Any reviews or opinions? I never really heard of... READ MORE

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Great results,doesn't look fake as hell like some pple just looks like a great ass u worked on,great review as well 1 of the best I've seen so far,great pics,video included was a big bonus n going through the recovery process A++. If I... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks great,wish I found a good Doc like you but rushed into it. I'm actually back living in NY again,found 2 docs in the city I'm going to end up having a consultation with but thank you for your recommendation incase I don't... READ COMMENT

I don't know how you think it's improved I never posted a before picture? These are all after the nose job and no I didn't have braces and from what other plastic surgeons on the site said it should be shorter and the tip is too... READ COMMENT

For the money it cost I prob wouldn't get 1 if I were you plus itz possible you could end up way worse I think whatever surgery some1 gets they should always have enough for at least a 2nd incase something happens which of course will... READ COMMENT

Yea i was into looking for some1 board certified,I went to a plastic surgeon that did rhinoplasty not even a facial surgeon/rhinoplasty specialist,I was in a rush&stupid&now need a revision,my nose isn't good but itz not messed up bad... READ COMMENT