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Question About Doctor's Procedure

I had a fat transfer to my flat cheeks about 2 weeks ago. So far, it looks nice. However, my doctor said I might want to come back for a touch up in 6 months. I have a question... READ MORE

I Am Scheduled to Have Botox on Monday. Is It Ok to Have a Flu Shot on Tuesday?

This is my second time getting Botox. The first turned out very well, but I did have a headache the second day. It it ok to get a flu shot that second day? Thanks! READ MORE

3 Weeks After Receiving Botox, when Can I Massage my Face?

I had Botox 3 weeks ago and like the results. I am still a little nervous, though, when I inadvertently rub my face. When can I safely massage or rub my face (as in a facial)... READ MORE

Tear Trough Deepened with Botox, is this Normal?

I have had botox twice, both with the same doctor. I loved the results except that my tear trough seemed to deepen and extend down my cheek a little more, on both eyes, giving... READ MORE

How Long After Fat Transfer is It Safe to Swim in a Pool?

I was wondering when it is safe to swim in a pool after a fat transfer. I'm not worried about my face, but rather the site from where the fat will be taken. I was planning to... READ MORE

What Do You Think of Microcurrent Devices Such As NuFace?

I am 57, slim, with good skin (thanks to years of Retin-A and good sunscreen), but my lower face is starting to look a little droopy. Do you feel that microcurrent devices help... READ MORE

Should I Wait Until Botox is Completely Gone?

Is it better to wait until the effects of a Botox treatment are completely gone before having another treatment? Or, is it ok to get a second treatment, say right at 3 months,... READ MORE

Is It Safe to 1. Wear Swim Goggles; and 2. Have Microdermabrasion After Botox?

Is it safe to 1). wear swim goggles; and 2). have microdermabrasion after Botox? If so, how long should I wait? I have been getting botox between my eyebrows and for my crow's... READ MORE

Is Profound safe for thin faces?

I am 63, and have good skin that I have taken care of. I am on the thin side, and have fillers to help with lower face laxity. My trusted doctor recommended Profound to help... READ MORE

Is it ok to get Profound treatment when I have fillers and Botox in my face?

I had Juvederm and Botox done a week ago, and love the results. My doctor suggested I have the Profound procedure in about a month. What will happen with the Botox and... READ MORE