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Good luck to you. READ COMMENT

Congratulations. I waited 10 years. I had no doubts. I kept thinking about the outcome. Not the process/procedure. I was fortunate. I had a consult on Wed and dr could have haf a slot available on following Tues. I had it on following... READ COMMENT

Congratulations. how did he fix your tummy tuck? Lipo or did he do a new incision? I know how you feel. I work out everyday, and I still have some bulge. I really expected my stomach to be flat, no bulges, but I still have some.... READ COMMENT

I'm sorry to read about your unhappiness. I've had lipo before. Dr took from thighs, back and gave me a Brazilian butt. I'n my opinion lipo Hurt more than tummy tuck recovery. I wasn't asleep. Just medicated. To clear up some... READ COMMENT

Don't be in a hurry to weigh yourself. The scale may not reflect much of a weight loss. Remember You will have a lot of swelling for a while. Recovery I's a process. READ COMMENT