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Permanent Stiff Neck After Botox for Teeth Clenching

After having botox in my jaw to stop me clenching my teeth at night my head feels very hard to lift up its now been 4 months since having it done and and my neck seems to be... READ MORE

Is This a Normal Part of Wearing Braces?

I decided to get fixed ceramic braces to correct and prevent further movement from recent shifting. i was given a 6-9 month treatment time. I have had them on not even a week... READ MORE

Braces Removed After a Month, Will Teeth Move Back to Exact Position?

I had to have my bottom braces removed as my tmj was so aggravated i was in agony, my orthodontist said they will move back (back being the operative word) to their original... READ MORE

Septal Perforation

After septoplasty I was left with a perforation which is lower down and not going to cause collapsed nose (so i have been told) however although i dont have... READ MORE

What is the surgical options for hooded eyes and slightly fatty/ heavy looking under brow? (Photo)

I would like to know what the best option and name of procedure for hooded eyelid and heavy looking under brow. it's frustrating that after spending time doing a nice eyeshadow... READ MORE