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Smart Lipo with Vaser on Upper/lower Abs and Sides

I had smart lipo with vaser done on Friday (11-21-08). I can already see great results. I am not downing this procedure but I'm not happy with the marketing. They make it sound so easy. My questions/concerns are about the recovery. "They" say you can have it done Friday and go to work on Monday. NOT if you have your stomach done (in my opinion). I am scheduled to have my inner... READ MORE

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My stomach did go down and up and down. That's what it seemed like anyway. But overall, it did go down. The part that I noticed was my upper thighs. I guess upper saddlebags? They seemed to get swollen. I couldn't tell if they got... READ COMMENT

Georgette G- hang in there. i'm now on day 26. I still have some numb areas.I still can't go all day without wearing my garment. I tried and regretted it. I was just very uncomfortable all day.My sillouette is amazing.I am still a... READ COMMENT

Today is day 21 and while I do feel better than in the beginning, I still feel like my lower torso was in a fist fight. Ya know that feeling when you push on a bruise? I have that 24-7. (not that I push on my bruises-lol) I am able to... READ COMMENT

The dr only prescribed arnica. i am going to ask about the others you mentioned. thank you.I am moving around a lot better yesterday and today. Yeah!!!! READ COMMENT

QUESTION??? When does the swelling go away? Is there anything I can do to help that along? I didn't start swelling until about day 6/7. So, now I feel like a sausage! (The numbness seemed to get really bad and over night it is nearly... READ COMMENT