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Worked Right Away;

Pretty much painless-slight edema-caulk-like and bumpy juvederm instantly smoothed out. may need 1 more shot-awaiting final outcome-this put an end to hellish juvederm experience-never get juvederm under your eyes! too scary and % of success is limited. when you get this, make sure you get an allergy test and stay away from certain meds like estrogens, antihistamines, aspitin and more-they can... READ MORE


What was i thinking???????????????????? Doctor had no before or after pix and i fell for this at an "open house" where they provided sale discounts if you pre-paid......... Look at before and afters!!!!! I feel stupid and duped. Don't even think about doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i have a consult w/ a plastic surgeon to see if he can fix this - wow, if i could turn back time... READ MORE

Questions from Byron6012

Will Submalar Radiesse Filler Bring Up Cheekbone to Correct Marionette Folds Too? (photo)

I had 1/2 syringe radiesse to correct marionette lines-still some appearance of lines but i think this is due to sagging from fat pads in sub malar drooping a bit. can radiesse... READ MORE

Supplements to Reduce Instant Swelling W/ Dermal Fillers?

I swelled up instantly so MD had a hard time judging the amount to inject-turned out as a result i was undercorrected....any supplements to avoid/take to prevent or reduce this... READ MORE

What Could This Be? Swelling or Tyndall? (photo)

What Happened - is This Swelling or Tyndall-why is One Side Worrse? 1 Days Post Juvederm READ MORE

Should I Trust a Doctor to Use Hyaluronidase to Remove Juvederm Under Eyes Who Has Never Used It? (photo)

Or is it edema like she says? doctor injects herself and says she has never used the enzyme as no one ever needed it and this will make my situation worse. based on the... READ MORE

Recent comments from Byron6012

The injections on you are perfect! i was injected unevenly-3/4 syringe under left eye-1/4 under right and just under skin-very superficially. if you search " juvaderm eyes crescent" or byron6012 you can see what hapened to me............ READ COMMENT

Wow, you look great-i had a horrible experience and am still recovering. did the doctor inject just under your skin or the muscle? how many injections per eye? you look marvelous! READ COMMENT

Doctors are so quick to say, hey, if you don't like it, dissolve it away-easier said than done!!!!! how are you now? READ COMMENT

2 slight ouches w/ a fine gauge needle-not bad at all and it needed to be done The plastic surgeon who injected the vitrase did a good job but the skin under my eyes is now terribly lax and will not readily absorb any eye creams- i am... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your advise! I did after 3.5 grueling weeks go to a highly regarded plastic surgeon yesterday for the vitrase. All the nasty product from the right eye is gone but the left eye has a little bruise so i may need another shot.... READ COMMENT