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Hey MANY women (and men!) have done this and are thrilled with their results. My experience ws BAD...yes...but hey the side-effects are going away (after 2 1/2 mos!) but that is because I had a very bad injector (very rough!), plus I... READ COMMENT

Hi there, If you have the appt., and you have checked the credentials of the plastic surgeon(?)....things SHOULD go fine....I will be honest tho, I would never have Juviderm again...I will leave Mother Nature alone...I didn't have... READ COMMENT

Hi Connie...hey I have read about side effects....the swelling or 'migrating' of the Juviderm even years later...even tho a Dr. is going to tell you that NO, this cannot happen because it disolves & leaves the body. I went through hell... READ COMMENT

Sounds like not only is your Dr. a good one...but honest, too. I really didn't believe mine when he said 'should last about a year', so I took that to mean 10, 11 months, or less...if it does tho I'll be happy. They DID give me an ice... READ COMMENT

Hi...YES that is a good thing! Plus, going deep...I really believe MY Dr. didn't go deep enough...because one side is perfect & the other has the little bluish thread...even tho he said this would 'probably' go away...'probably' is NOT... READ COMMENT