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Day 22 PO and I'm still in the recliner. I tried sleeping on my side in the bed a few days ago but it was too uncomfortable. I woke up every hour or so wondering if I was damaging my incisions (I also had a breast lift). Laying on my... READ COMMENT

PO days 3 and 11 were really hard for me emotionally. I think day 3 was bad because I just couldn't get comfortable and it made me really upset. Day 11 started out with tears of joy because I was so happy with how I looked in the... READ COMMENT

I vote for the recliner, too. I'm still sleeping in it because it's so easy to get up and down. Even though I feel OK overall, pushing myself up off of the bed is still a pain in the butt (and the gut)... I also used a wooden bar... READ COMMENT

I definitely had a change in food tastes. Almost everything just tasted... wrong. The only two things that tasted OK to me were chocolate brownies and chocolate milk. I swear, it was just like being in my third trimester all over... READ COMMENT

Hey Kimmers! Thanks for the supply list. Where do you get the surgical bras from? My doctor mentioned that I would have to wear one but I was so freaked out at the time of my consultation (I'm not a fan of having a conversation with... READ COMMENT