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Will Inspira Implants Still Feel Natural?

I live in the toronto area and my PS is giving me inspira breast implants that have only been in a trial period for the last 6 months. He says there the best but they feel... READ MORE

Will Going Braless Cause Ur Implants to Sag After a Long Time?

I heard that u don't have to wear all the time after u get implants but would that not cause them to sag sooner? Or will it matter much? READ MORE

Internal Stitches to Prevent Bottoming out - Normal?

My PS told me after I woke up from my first BA that he put in internal stitches in to prevent bottoming out, is this common for doctors to do? Thanks so much for any answers! READ MORE

Would It Be Odd to Buy Ur Surgeon a Gift to Say Thank You?

Is it okay to give ur surgeon a gift to say thank u if ur very pleased with their work? READ MORE

What Does SRF Stand for on Id Card?

I thought I was getting textured round inspiras but when I looked @ my implant ID card it says INSPIRA SRF. Does that mean smooth round full? I was told not to massage cause I... READ MORE

I Have a Long Shaped Lump in my Armpit Thats Sore!

Along my implant in my armpit i have a lump that running along the side of the implant. It's sore & not perfectly round. It's only on my right side.I had my BA on june 27th... READ MORE

Could Putting in Internal Stitches in for 1st Ba Hurt the Results

Why do doctors not put in internal stitches in when doing a BA the first time. could it mess up the results? READ MORE