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Who is Considered the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Chicago Area from an Expert's Point of View?

In other words, as a cosmetic surgeon, who would you send your daughter or wife to for nose reshaping? Thanks! READ MORE

Lower Lid Drooping After Lower Lid Blepharoplasty, If This Doesn't Resolve Itself, What Are My Options?

I am 40-years-old and 10 days post op from a lower lid bleph that included a transjunctive approach and skin pinch incision below the lid.The lower lid is still retracted from... READ MORE

Lower Columella Missing After Rhinoplasty

I am 5 weeks post open rhinoplasty. The lower part of my right columella appears to be missing! Rather than vertical, the columella is diagonal with the left much lower than... READ MORE

What Can I do for Indentation on Nose After Kenalog Injection?

Four days ago I had a kenalog injection around the tip of my nose -- I had rhinoplasty 3 months ago. Now I've developed an indentation. I've lost confidence in my... READ MORE

What Procedure Will Best Fix Lower Lid Retraction from Skin Pinch Incision?

I am now 4 months post op from lower blepharoplasty with a skin pinch incision that left me with ectropion / retracted lower lids. What procedure best fixes my problem --... READ MORE

Is an Internal Nose Exam Standard Procedure at the Consult or Pre-op Before Rhinoplasty Surgery?

I underwent rhinoplasty 9 months ago to disastrous results. I was never given an internal nose exam prior to surgery and I'm wondering if such an exam is standard procedure... READ MORE

What is the Point of Kenalog Injections into Columella? Made A Dent At The Top of My Nose.

My columella healed very crooked after open rhinoplasty. My surgeon injected the columella and tip area twice with Kenalog but stopped after I developed a dent on top of my... READ MORE

What Is The Best Graft for Lower Eyelid Retraction?

Which graft is best for use during surgery for lower eyelid retraction repair: ear cartilage, hard palate graft or Alloderm? Do they all add height and is one proven to have a... READ MORE

Best Surgeon for Eyelid Retraction / Ectropion Surgery?

I am told I will need a cheek lift, hard palate graft and canthoplasty to fix results from a bad skin pinch bleph. Who is the very best surgeon out there who routinely performs... READ MORE

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Orlando, That's great for you the same surgeon didn't botch your face but have some compassion as she was utterly incompetent in VickiSue's case. Go bully someone else. VickySue, you look gorgeous, so glad you found happiness again. READ COMMENT

Hey Orlando4969, Maybe you had a good experience with the same doctor, but if you can't see that she ruined VickieSue's face then you are blind. Thank God she found a competent and skilled surgeon to clean up the incompetent mess made... READ COMMENT