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Yes mine happened weeks after, at first it was one lump then afterwards it spread and the doctor i went to see told me it was leaked residue of the filler. To mend mine he put the tinniest amount of hyaluronidase, but be careful cos if... READ COMMENT

Yes definitely, my Doctor said that you have to put the tiniest amount, he said it was 0.0.1, its settled down and i am going to see him again on the 21st May so that he can have another look. Will keep you informed READ COMMENT

Hello all, I visited this site over a year ago, I too had a bad experience withJuvaderm and had a baggy puffy look under my eyes for three years. Only last week I went to see a specialist Doctor he advised I have 0.0.1 % hyalurondase... READ COMMENT

Hi there My filler is no longer there it is fluid retention, can you get rid of that READ COMMENT