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My eyes look and feel as though they are completely closed, but dust does get in, so they are not sealing. I think with time and as we age more, the lids will loosen and we will be fine. READ COMMENT

I do not have any problems with the tear ducts. I do have problems with bright sunlight and dusty wind because it seems as though my lids do not close completely, but I think with time they will close, as I said before my eyelids are... READ COMMENT

Don't be silly......go have have whatever you want done to your face, it will heal quicker than the eye area because it is tougher. I am considering a mini face lift. READ COMMENT

I can relate to you. I had mine done 19 months ago and still experience the same as you. READ COMMENT

I had mine done 19 months ago and still have a funny butterfly tingly feeling below both my eyes. The doc told me that it is the nerves healing. I have used cold and warm compress and I find that the warm works for me. Some days I... READ COMMENT