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Juvederm Lumps + Pain After 3 Weeks

I had juvederm injected into my lips about 3 weeks ago.. the swelling has completely gone down, and at first glance my lips look fine (not the results i wanted at all, but they... READ MORE

How Long Does Juvederm Ultra Plus Last in Lips - Wid/vitrase Not an Option

I had perlane in the contour and body of my lips 2 yrs ago. about 90% of it dissolved by 1 year, but by 1.5 yrs some perlane remained in the contour and my lips retained that... READ MORE

Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Ever Completely Dissolve?

I know that HA fillers like juvederm ultra last 4-6 months in the lips, and Ultra Plus and Perlane 6-9 mo's. I had perlane 1.5 years ago, and 85% of it dissolved. some of... READ MORE

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extreme size of hard lump (not just swelling) in lips after juvederm

I'd really appreciate some insight on this. I had juvederm injected into my lips twice in the last week, once a week ago and again ( a touch up) today. the physician... READ MORE

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Thanks gorgeous; he thing that bothered me wasn't the fact that a lump developed, because ive had them before and i know its normal.. but that it basically pulled all the juvederm and formed at one side of the lip.. so i was wondering... READ COMMENT