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First of 10 Face, Neck and Thighs - New York, NY

I had facial and neck PS which was underwhelming. I tried different laser procedures but the only one that had outstanding results was laser hair removal. I am open and since it does not hurt and is relaxing I thought I would give it a shot. I have only done one but it really was relaxing and my thighs feel tighter today in a good way like after the gym. I plan to go weekly for the next few... READ MORE

FL- New York, NY

I am 43 years old, I have extremely light, good skin but my lower face and neck are quite lose and droopy. I researched 4 Plastic Surgeons, 1 of whom I have for previous procedures and loved but Dr. Kassir uses muscle transfer as a filler and I really liked the idea of that since fat does has very mixed reviews and I have health issues so my PCP does not want me using any un natural fillers.... READ MORE

Not Worth It - I could not see a difference - New York, NY

I am 43 have tried all sorts of lasers and did not feel ready for a surgery. I have these cheeks that anyways I feel are too big but the turned into jowels and my neck became very turkey like. I had researched a lot on facial and neck PS but between the expense and the downtime was just not up to it. My PS is very honest, when I did fraxel he warned me that I would not see tightening. He said... READ MORE

Mixed - New York, NY

I have done IPL 5 times in 3 different offices. Some were very powerful and others not. One time it hurt so much but soon after all my freckles turned to coffee grinds and fell off. READ MORE

My Eyes "Pop" - New York, NY

I did this with a rhinoplasty so it was cheaper. At 37 I had lots of skin on my lids, this made me look so much brighter. The best PS I have done to date. I just want to make sure that I clarify the entire operation upper bleph and rhino and fees was about 12k, worth every penny. I have used others in the interim for different things but for the big surgeries this is the PS you want. I look... READ MORE

Totally Worth It - New York, NY

I have done so many difference lasers but this was that most efective. I did about 7 on my bikini line and underarms and I go away without needing to even look to shave. I am still doing my legs (4 sessions so far) and it has thinned out so much. I am a good candidate because I have ultr white skin and I never waxed. READ MORE

I had 7 treatments and nothing - Not Worth It - New York, NY

I had 7 treatments and nothing, this was after doing the affirm and told this would do it. I am 42 finished over a year ago. READ MORE

I did 3 treatments with no results - Not Worth It - New York, NY

I did 3 treatments with no results, really let down. They kept telling me to wait, it has been a year and no change. READ MORE

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Permanent lipstick New York READ COMMENT

This review really helped me when I went to my first procedure yesterday. I had them do my face before my thighs so that if I was red no one would see it. I kept thinking hot stones...I can't see anything after 1 session but don't... READ COMMENT

I would do what the second doctor said, but youight want to see one or two more. Also you may want to go to a neurologist who may give you a better understanding of what happened. Best of luck. READ COMMENT

Wow amazing results!!! READ COMMENT

No that more surgery would look natural just to so fillers. READ COMMENT