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Probably the same as everyone else here, kids stretched the belly beyond repair. 3 kids, ages 11, 9 and 18mo. I had pre-eclampsia with all 3 which cause SIGNIFICANT weight gain mainly due to the excess fluids. I dropped a lot of it after pregnancies but this last post-baby fat has been much more difficult and stubborn than the other two. (I was 18/20 yrs old with the others and 28 with the new... READ MORE

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Great news! Finally finally finally figured out that my belly button issues are due to a yeast infection in there! I've always been prone to getting them when I take antibiotics but they're always vaginal. It's def crazy but I'm... READ COMMENT

I don't love my scar either, it's kinda funky, crooked, and smile-shaped. Not to mention, because I'm short (5'3") and have a super short torso, my 3 pregnancies made my belly all weird and round (afterwards) so he said the shape of... READ COMMENT

WTE, just stopping by real quick to let you know I went to Dr. Helliwell in Bakersfield. He does the "tumescent" -awake procedure, and does not do muscle repair (I didn't need it anyway) so if you need that, he's prob not your best bet... READ COMMENT

Becky, I was just looking at your pics and reading about your swelling, I feel like I'm in the same boat, the swelling is heinous, I feel/look at least 5mo prego, my belly is ROUND in the middle where my bb is. So annoying! I'm almost... READ COMMENT

Right! I've seen some cotton in other gals' belly buttons and I've thought about sticking a little in mine too, it doesn't seem to be healing shut necessarily, just swelling closed, hmmm... I guess just keeping it clean with the... READ COMMENT