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Questions from Dreemer

What's the Take On: ON-Q® PainBuster® Post-Op Pain Relief System

Seems to me like its a no brainer...to have this? down side? READ MORE

Pain Pump Fee After Tummy Tuck

Hi, Is there an additional fee if a pain pump is inserted after a tummy tuck. If so, appx. how much. Thanks!! READ MORE

Is Massage After Tummy Tuck Okay?

Is it possible to massage the tummy after surgery? By a professional? aka my daughter..hehehe. READ MORE

Really, What is Ideal?

Hi there, I am 54 years old. I am 5ft 8.5 inches. I weigh 172 lbs. Should I lose weight before a TT? thanks! READ MORE

Is it Safe to Have HCG in my Body Prior to Tummy Tuck Surgery?

I want to drop weight before my surgery. I am planning on the HCG diet with phentermine. My surgery is 9/14. Is it dangerous to have this in my body. How long will it take to... READ MORE


How long does phentermine stay in the body. I am planning to stop taking it 4 weeks before my surgery. Is that good? READ MORE

Just Wondering......

Do you have to wear a compression garment if you have a TT without lipo? Thanks! READ MORE

Is 8 Days Enough For Assisted Post-Op Care?

Hello :) I am scheduled to have a full TT on 9/13/11. I will only have help for 8 days, and then after that i am on my own. In your opinion, is that an issue?... READ MORE

BBL, TT & BA In One Surgery- Too Much?

Hi, What is your opinion on getting a brazilian butt lift, a full tummy tuck and breast aug at the same time. My doctor says it will be done outpatient? i thought that to be a... READ MORE

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ON-Q® PainBuster® Post-Op Pain Relief System

Any one use this? Seems like a dream come true....downside?? READ MORE

CareCredit.....Anyone using it? No interest for 24 months..

This is a CC used only for medical, dental, and vets..LOL. Seems like a great deal...IF you pay in full. If not, boy are you screwed...hahahaha. READ MORE

September Tummy Tuckers - check in here

After six months of changing my mind 200 times, i've finally stayed with the decision to go for it! 9/14. Im glad I took that long...cause i really sought all my answers... READ MORE

Cool recliner idea!

I bought a used one on craiglist for $90.!   The rentals in my area were 100.00 per week.  When I am done, i will put it back on Craigslist and sell it.  So... READ MORE

Any Grandma makeovers out there....not a Mommy Makeover...

Hi, I am looking for anyone over 50, scheduled for a TT.  Are you there? READ MORE


Here I go. I am nervous, excited, scared......it is surreal that the day is finally here.   Love Sue xo READ MORE

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My surgery was supposed to be at 1:00 pm, and they changed it to 7:30am. I was glad, then I get to be in my hospital room by 1, instead of 5-6. Are you staying overnight in the hospital? How much time off work did you take. Did you... READ COMMENT

Are you in the hospital now? I will be praying for you too!. My daughters coming in from out of town...and they said not to laugh...gunna be an issue! keep me posted. Love, Sue READ COMMENT

Hey fellow grammy's! 2 more days for me! Im a bit freaked. READ COMMENT

I have a bottle water in place, so i can take my vicoen! Kids are all organized. Housekeeper lined up. pedicure done. Now, I too, just have to keep it al together! READ COMMENT

Prayer is the coolest thing.....almost as cool as Jesus! Its gunna be ok denise. READ COMMENT