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Play Violent Sports: Is the Nose Job Right for Me?

I play a lot of violent sports; kickboxing, rugby. Will a nose Job make my nose weaker? I do get hit on the nose. Sometimes really bad. Second what is the chance of a bad nose... READ MORE

After a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Does Your Nose Ever Become As Strong As Before?

After a Nose-Job I'm willing to wait 3 - 4 months and I will not get into any physical sports or try to even touch it or get hurt there? Is it possible that maybe I apply... READ MORE

Does Pressing Your Nose or Sleeping in a Certain Way Make Your Nose Bridge Thinner?

I have a wide nose bridge ever since I was a kid I press my nose really hard that sometimes it starts to hurt, for a day it seems that little has been changed but whenever I... READ MORE

Nose Right Tool Recommended by Doctors or Any Nose Exercises That Work?

Should I use the nose right tool? I have a wide nose bridge. Also what are the best times to apply this kind of tool? I noticed when I put it on stretches... READ MORE

Can Facial Excersices Give a Less Fat Cheeks or Chubby Cheeks?

If yes, than what exercise would you doctors recommend to do? Or any other methods to reduce the fats on cheeks. The name of the exercise or a video demonstration on how to do... READ MORE

Could This Be Swelling and How Do I Treat a Fresh Pimple Scarring?

I was in a play fight (wrestling) and it got rough. Which now got me a scratched (not with nails) forehead. I had little pimples on my forehead and it got rubbed really hard.... READ MORE