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Would I do It Again?

I wanted to jump start a better looking body. Got tired of the you look 40 and then with my clothes off i looked 57, which I am. I don't have any after pictures right now. Will post later. I used this site and friends experiences to help me decide to go ahead with it. I guess there are some things yu don't discover until after the fact. I have no pain from the surgery. had... READ MORE

Questions from Suzyq516 in NJ

How Long After Liposuction on Abs and Back Before Can I Fly (8 Hour Trip)?

Are there any suggestions to reduce any possible complications? There is a possibilityn I will need to fly 10 days post op. Or 17 at the most. READ MORE

Traveling for Surgery - Can I Get Post-op Care from a Local Doctor?

Is It Possible to Get Post Op Care from Someone Other Than Surgical Dr if Surgery Done Away from Home?    READ MORE

Is It True That After Liposuction the Feeling and Hardness Can Persist Indefinitely?

Is It True That After Liposuction the Feeling and Hardness Can Persist Indefinitely? READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op W/ Itching Everywhere Not Just at Surgical Areas. Is This Usual?

I had a huge outbreak of hives out of the clear blue and since then itching even on areas that had no treatment, arms, hands, feet.How do you distinguish between nerve... READ MORE

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Every experience is different. Read other's opinions and then decide. I just had no idea it was going to be that painful for so long. The 3-4 days or back to work in a week absolutely did not apply to me. Am I pleased with the... READ COMMENT

Please see my prior posts from today. My only recommendation is to be prepared mentally for what you are getting yourself into. The results can be just what you are looking for. do get the right surgeon, follow instructions. These posts... READ COMMENT

No, it was not discomfort. It was pain. I too have a high tolerance and never experienced anything like that. I just wasn't prepared for it. My body felt like it had been mutilated. But see prior post. The results are great. I would... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry I'm just now seeing these comments from as long ago as July. Itis now 7 mos post op. I have healed with the only remaining effect a feeling of needing to wear my fleexee support which I continue to do everyday. My biggest... READ COMMENT

Ladies! I just want to know how to maintain the look. Exercise? If so, what kind? and if I don't what grows back??? READ COMMENT