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Best Doctor for Labiaplasty - Baton Rouge, LA

The swelling right after sx is NO JOKE! my mom kept laughing cause it was so big lol, but i had no pain whatsoever, but pain tolerance is different for everyone.. READ MORE

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Butt Very Hard After Brazilian Butt Lift

Hello, I am close to one month post op. I have gone down in size dramatically in these four weeks. I am still loving my results. However, in my right butt cheek on the upper... READ MORE

Hard Lump After Brazilian Butt Lift, Is This Normal Or Should I Be Concerned?

Hello, I am one month post op. I have gone down in size dramatically in these four weeks, but is still much bigger than before. In my right butt cheek on the upper right side,... READ MORE

Liposuction and Frequent Urination

Hello, I am 5 weeks post op from having tumescent lipo on my abdomen and flanks.It has been a little over a year since I suddenly had the urge to pee all the time.Recently I... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait for a Second Round of Lipo/Fat Transfer to Breasts?

Hello, I had lipo and fg to buttocks 4 months ago.My stomach looks likes its never been lipo before, i had more results immediately after surgery. i am pretty content with my... READ MORE

Is Brava Necessary for Fat Transfer to Breast?

Is the Brava system really necessary for a successful fat transfer to the breast? It's pretty expensive and the procedure itself is expensive already. Also, can fat be saved or... READ MORE

Liposuction Touch Up. Is This Normal Treatment Time?

I had lipo on my back and stomach 6 months ago and will be getting a touch up. I showed current pics and doc said if lipo is necessary, which i know it is because there is... READ MORE

Post-Liposuction Complication - Normal?

I had lipo touch up on my abdomen a week ago,first lipo was over 6months ago.This time I am in much more pain.the right side of my abdomen hurtsmore than my left side. Also,I... READ MORE

Best Scar Removal for Liposuction Scars?

I had liposuction twice and have quite a few scars. The last doctor did not want to use the old incision spots, he said he couldn't lipo as good if he used it there, so in... READ MORE

Liposuction on Same Area? (photo)

I had lipo to my stomach 2 yrs ago,gained weight and had lipo again last year in stomach. the doctor didn't take all the fat so I waited 6mths and had a touch up there again... READ MORE

Dark Red Scabbing Normal After CO2 Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had fractional CO2 laser treatment 4 days ago for my lipo scars. I developed a dark red scab shortly after the procedure.This is near my armpit area.This is the only area... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Normal Post Fractional Co2 Laser?

I had fractional CO2 laser for my liposuction scars. It has been a little over 2 weeks since the treatment and areas are red/brown. Is this permanent hyper pigmentation? I have... READ MORE

2 Years After BBL, Will Revision Work?

I am roughly 2 years post bbl. i liked my initial results, but now i do not. the fat is placed high on my butt and feel there is definitely not enough on the inferior portion.... READ MORE

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Hey, you should use rose hip oil for the scars or you can try to get laser treatments to lighten my scar, but make sure the person doing the laser has dealt with asian skin before because asians have very sensitive skin and can pigment... READ COMMENT

Hey girl, i think you look GREAT! your shape is amazing. However i do think you need a mini tt to get rid of the wrinkles. my friend had a tt and it looks amazing you cant even see her scar!!! but it all depends on the doctor. best of... READ COMMENT

I think there is a major difference in your waist in hip, girl you look GOOD. you ass is whoa! once the swelling goes does itll look even better. trust me! id say your sx was a success! READ COMMENT

This is the unfortunate time of when we cant choose our family, i know exactly what you mean. in the end, yes you still need to keep in touch, here and there, but if someone or anyone is brining you down, you dont need all the... READ COMMENT

Im going to private message you on realself :) READ COMMENT