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Birthday Gift to Myself - Mommy Makeover W/ Dr. Davoudi - Duluth, GA

Hello Yesterday I finally chose my PS for my mommy make over. This will be my birthday gift to myself. I selected Dr. Davoudi. He was recommend by a few friends and other doctors i work with that have seen his work. my surgery date is set for 9/28. I will be getting a periareolar breast lift with silicone implants under the muscle and full tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks. I was very... READ MORE

Questions from Siren

HELP! Mini tummy tuck vs full tummy tuck? Lollipop vs doughnut lift with implants?

Currently consulting on these procedures. What might be the better option for me. I'm worried about "dog ears" and sonething called a "SpongeBob tummy tuck" - tummy tuck that... READ MORE

Traditional Tummy tuck vs drainless tummy tuck? (photos)

I'm currently on round two of consults for my mommy makeover. I'm learning so much and with each consult realizing I know nothing. On my last consult the doctor states he... READ MORE

What factors determine tummy tuck scar placement, length and shape? (Photo)

I've seen such a variety of scar placement, shape and lenghth. It has been really hard for me to find someone that looks like me for me to gauge what my results maylook like.... READ MORE

I've been told by I have mild grade 1 ptosis. Any suggestions?

I've been told by I have mild grade 1 ptosis. How much of a lift can I get from a dual plane 350cc silicone implant? READ MORE

How much swelling is normal post tummy tuck?

I'm 10 days post op and im concerned with the amount of swelling. I get so swollen that I can't keep on my compression garment and it's hard to get comfortable enough to sleep.... READ MORE

Hydroquinone for mommy make over scars? (photo)

Im just over 3 weeks post from mommy make over. My PS has me using scarguard begining at 3weeks. Would a Rx such as Hydroquinone work better? READ MORE

Lasix to help with tummy tuck swelling on a patient with high blood pressure? (Photo)

Im 5 weeks post op tummy tuck and "swell hell" is real! Especially the more active I am. I also have high blood pressure and currently take amlodipine- controlled with systolic... READ MORE

Is the discoloration around tummy tuck scar permanent? (photos)

I'm over all very pleased with my tummy tuck. I'm 6 weeks out and at my follow up my doctor says everything looks good and I don't have to follow up for another two months.... READ MORE

Is this amount of puckering normal? (Photos)

7 weeks post periareolar lift with implants. I know puckering can be expected but is this amount normal? What want be done? Also one boob points outwards can that be fixed? READ MORE

Pain after working out 6 weeks post tummy tuck.

At 6 weeks post op I tried pool walking for a low impact work out. In the pool I felt fine. However after I felt a pulling burning pain to the left lower abdominal area between... READ MORE

Back lipo results. (photo)

Considering lipo of the back. I had a mommy make over but now my back doesn't match the from. I hesitated to get this done b/c I heard the skin of the back doesn't bounce back... READ MORE

Recent comments from Siren

I'm lost, you look handsome from every angle to me READ COMMENT

I've read a lot accounts where things didn't go as planned your doctor sounds like he handled it great, did he charge for the correction READ COMMENT

Thank you where are you located READ COMMENT

Please go see Dr. Davoudi at Gwinnett Medical for a consult. Also try Dr. Woods at piedmont hospital. Both are great. READ COMMENT