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Revision Rhinoplasty After Being Unable to Breath After First Procedure. - Los Angeles, CA

I would absolutely stay away from Walden for Rhinoplasty. My nose was left unfunctional and I have been unable to breath since the procedure in 2011. She left me with a very narrow nose and pinched tip. Not to mention it was noticeably asymmetric. When I brought up these issues to both her and Dr. Sherrell J. Aston who was her mentor they were both dismissive, claiming my nose was asymmetric... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty in New York

I've wanted a prettier nose for most of my life. I'm 27 now. I've known a few people that have had rhinoplasty but they were not very good (scooped out look, saddle nose) which turned me off to getting one. I wanted subtle changes, I had a very slight hump and a bulbous tip. On Monday the 17th I went in for surgery. Today I am post op 4 days. My eyes are VERY bruised and my... READ MORE

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No salt, take bromelain, other than that you just need a lot of patience, there is nothing magical that makes it go away super fast. READ COMMENT

Honestly it's hard to remember but I know my smile wasn't 100% after 3 months. It took a longggg time. READ COMMENT

You are still so swollen at 3 months! after my first rhinoplasty I looked like a freak show until 6 months! especially if bones were broken. Be patient!!! I couldn't smile right for months!!! I wouldn't even start accessing your nose... READ COMMENT

My nose was very crooked and insane looking after my revision, also the skin on one side deflated.... I'm about 3 months and it may be a bit crooked forever (very hard to correct persistent deviated septum as far as I know) but it looks... READ COMMENT

DO NOT let him put you back under 6 days post op, that is insane!!! everyone swells asymmetrically and it swelling makes asymmetries more apparent and often times they resolve on their own. Every seasoned surgeon says wait at least a... READ COMMENT