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I think the outcome of the procedure will still depend on the doctor who did it. There are professional cosmetic surgeons that can make your surgeries look natural. These surgeons had years of experience and numerous amount of... READ COMMENT

As the saying goes: Regret always come at the end... Well at least she can have her implants reduced. But for sure she wont be looking like her old self again. READ COMMENT

@kimmers25: Its good to hear from someone with experience. thank you I agree with you. procedures may take sometime to heal but you would certainly get better results. Sagging, unproportional breasts would just be a bigger problem. READ COMMENT

If cellulaze works, then more power to them. but i would suggest that people wait for the FDA clearance. thanks for the update! READ COMMENT

Have you noticed people that keeps on staring at themselves in front a mirror most of the time? Some say they are vain, but the truth is they have a sickness called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. These people need our help. They need to know... READ COMMENT