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Round 2 HT journey by Dr Karadeniz.

Hair Transplant

14 Feb 2017, Updated 11 days ago

So today is 1 month post round 2. I am extremely happy with my progress. I even took clippers to my own head to even out the implanted area to the rest of my head. Dont judge me when you check out my patches lol. So far very minimal shock loss if any. You guys will have to tell me. READ MORE

Going to Istanbul for Laser Eye Surgery with EyeSTAR

I have wanted to have my eyes lasered for a number of years, however in the UK; it costs over £3000 for both eyes. I found myself on a journey to Istanbul for health tourism and decided if I could find a good clinic I would also get my eye surgery. I checked out some reviews for Istanbul and came across a single review for Eyestar. I checked out their website and continued to research them. ... READ MORE

Going to Budapest for Dental Care to Close Gaps in Front Teeth Nov 2015

About 6 months ago before I discovered Realself, my husband wanted to have dental implants for his teeth. I freaked as in the UK, they cost thousands. My husband has a friend that was living in Budapest (Hungary) that was working as an agent for French people seeking dental care in Budapest. He advised that doing the procedure in Budapest would be much easier for his pocket. He found him a... READ MORE

Restored Edges Jan 2016 with Dr Ali E Karadeniz

Although I found this site for an entirely different reason. I came across some reviews for hair transplant, I always thought there wasn't anything I could do regarding my hair problem. So after reading a few reviews and especially about afro hair, I was encouraged that a hair transplant could be for me. After some more reading and researching I came across 2 American Drs, one gave me a quote... READ MORE

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Can anyone please advise me of the 'slow season' in Dominican Republic for plastic surgery

Originally wanted to go in May, but now hubby wants to have his own Daddy makeover. So now we would like to go in the slow season (if there is such a period) so we are more... READ MORE

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In a nutshell. They took an imprint of my teeth. They they then made a copy of my teeth. Then then shaved my teeth into the sharp spikes and they made new individual teeth to close my gaps and then cemented or glued them in. Can't... READ COMMENT

Hi Gem, yes i did. I have updated with a second review of my experience. With pictures too of my cuts READ COMMENT

I didn't shave the implanted hair on my head. Just around it so it would all blend in. To answer your question. Yes it will grow back as the grafts are fused in and permanent after 10days you just have to be careful Dr says you can cut... READ COMMENT

Hi Buck, I do plan on keeping it short for a few months yes, I am also loving the freedom and cuteness of the short cut. I will grow it out come Sept/Oct sometime or maybe earlier depending on my growth. I didn't want any problems when... READ COMMENT

Hi there, it has not been great to be honest. I am going for a revision this year for both my TT and breast lift. Thank you for checking in on me READ COMMENT