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Treatment Review

Round 2 HT journey by Dr Karadeniz.

Hair Transplant

14 Feb 2017, Updated 15 days ago

2 months in Recovery Well so far so good. I have been experiencing shock loss and because my hair is super short I have been thinking of ways to disguise my edges and the scar line whilst I wait for hair to grow. And ladies and gents, I have found it. So at first i tried eyeliner and this... READ MORE

Going to Istanbul for Laser Eye Surgery with EyeSTAR

I have wanted to have my eyes lasered for a number of years, however in the UK; it costs over £3000 for both eyes. I found myself on a journey to Istanbul for health tourism and decided if I could find a good clinic I would also get my eye surgery. I checked out some reviews for Istanbul and came across a single review for Eyestar. I checked out their website and continued to research them. ... READ MORE

Going to Budapest for Dental Care to Close Gaps in Front Teeth Nov 2015

About 6 months ago before I discovered Realself, my husband wanted to have dental implants for his teeth. I freaked as in the UK, they cost thousands. My husband has a friend that was living in Budapest (Hungary) that was working as an agent for French people seeking dental care in Budapest. He advised that doing the procedure in Budapest would be much easier for his pocket. He found him a... READ MORE

Restored Edges Jan 2016 with Dr Ali E Karadeniz

Although I found this site for an entirely different reason. I came across some reviews for hair transplant, I always thought there wasn't anything I could do regarding my hair problem. So after reading a few reviews and especially about afro hair, I was encouraged that a hair transplant could be for me. After some more reading and researching I came across 2 American Drs, one gave me a quote... READ MORE

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Can anyone please advise me of the 'slow season' in Dominican Republic for plastic surgery

Originally wanted to go in May, but now hubby wants to have his own Daddy makeover. So now we would like to go in the slow season (if there is such a period) so we are more... READ MORE

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Ky thoughts exactly. I plan on updating when i get there. As always honest and thorough ;) Good luck with your procedure too hun and thank you READ COMMENT

Hi Qt, i am around 5'7/5'8 and i weighed alomat 11 stones pre op my waist about 32/33in pre op. My breast was 34B pre op and now 36DD. I do love my current breast size but lots of issues with it unfortunately. Hopefully this will be... READ COMMENT

I'm not going to lie i felt like a super star walling down the street. Not worrying about my scar line or forehead. A must for us waiting foe growth ;) READ COMMENT

Thanks, remember this is camouflage. I hope the finelal result is equal or even better :) READ COMMENT

Keep quiet you. Lol. :op READ COMMENT