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Lengthened Incisors to Match Front Teeth - Dallas, TX

Wonderful. EZ fix to a small problem that makes a huge difference. The only con is they dont last forever. I was just eating a salad the other day and chipped one of my bondings. But then I got it fixed by a new Dr. W in Uptown- and now it is beautiful again READ MORE

Fillers-Freezers Botox, Perlane, Juvederm - Dallas, TX

I had 14 units of Botox in my forehead. and 2 syringes of Juvederm in my naso labial folds and 1 syringe of PErlane in my upper cheeks and tear trough area. I looked tired and sunken in in my eye region, and I had smile lines. Fillers Fixed all. Painless and its been 6 months and everything still looks great. Best Dr in the city for facial procedures. READ MORE

IPL and MicroLaser Peel 40 Microns on Face - Dallas, TX

Horrible. Ill never do the micro laser peel again. You'll need a few days to stay inside away from folks if u dont like stares. you'll look like a smoked tureky. PAin ! PAin Pain!!! I was even numbed b4hand! The actual treatment is not bad- but the 1st 2 hours after were so bad- ill never do again unless im sedated. Results were great- but then I felt subsided. It... READ MORE

Labiaplasty - labia minora reduced and my clitoral hood reduced a little as well. - Dallas, TX

I had my labia minora reduced and my clitoral hood reduced a little as well. I have wanted to get this done since I was about 22. All the sudden one day- it didnt look like I remembered, I dont know if it was hormonal changes or what- but all I know is that it bothered me. I was self conscious. The final straw was when a lover said" Your vagina is screaming at me." I broke down... READ MORE

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About 3 or 4 years aftter- I did have one chip ... fixed and still great 3 years later READ COMMENT

Haters will hate! Ain't that the truth. No regrets here either. I am so happy with results. Cheers! READ COMMENT

Thanks for your comment. I wanted to share my story so other women could find out more information from someone who had gone through with the procedure. I hope my experience helps others make a well informed decision. READ COMMENT

Just a quick note here. I had this surgery because I've always wanted it done. No man's opinion had distinct influence and when I told my lover that I was having this done - they were completely against it. Why does no one... READ COMMENT

I had mine done by my gynecologist. Most gynos are trained in this type of surgery. READ COMMENT