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Will Weight Loss Alter The Look Of My Chin Implant?

I had a chin augmentation surgery (with a button chin implant) to enhance my femininity. However, I still think my chin is not pointy enough on my frontal view. I’m... READ MORE

How Much Bone Erosion Should I Expect for a Chin Implant That Was Taken Place 1.5 Yrs Ago?

I had a 5mm silastic chin implant inserted from inside of my mouth 1.5 yrs ago. I'm planning to remove it soon because I prefer the original me over the implant. However, I... READ MORE

Dimpling After a Chin Implant Removal, What Can be Done?

21 mo ago, I had a chin implant (a 9mm button type), then removed it 4 mo ago. I recently noticed that there’re a few dimples on my chin (I didn’t have b4). What... READ MORE

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Hello everyone. Just a little update fr me. It's been 14 weeks since the removal of my chin implant. I have not experienced any sagging but I do have a few small dimpling on one side of my chin. The dimpling appeared about 6 weeks ago,... READ COMMENT

Mina84 & Sophie1, When your docs removed the implants, did they sew the mentalis muscle or the skin layers? I saw it somewhere that if the mentalis muscle is not sew back, the chin will look sagging. When I asked that to the nurse... READ COMMENT

Hi Sophie, how long hv u had your implant sitting in your chin? I have mine 1.5 yr and I'm planning to have it removed in the following 2 weeks. Since I've them for so long, I'm scare to death that my chin will look uneven, have... READ COMMENT

Mina84, I was wondering if you experience any loose skin or dis-formalities associated with your chin implant removal? I had my chin implant surgery last year in June but now I absolutely hate it. I'd rather go back to my original chin... READ COMMENT

Wait at least a year to hv a revision. As the ear cartilage will get absorbed a bit by your body and it will even out by itself. READ COMMENT