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Need advice on Invisalign or braces and removing bonding on my front teeth. (photos)

I had a 2mm space between my front teeth closed with bonding 9 years ago. Now I'd like orthodontic work done to close the gap without the bonding and to push my front teeth... READ MORE

Is laser vein ablation necessary if you have no symptoms? (Photo)

I had a few vericose and spider veins that prompted me to see a vein doctor. I had sclerotherapy two days ago and a mapping. That showed I had reflux and needed the safferus... READ MORE

Will time heal this sclerotherapy discoloration? (Photo)

I had sclerotherapy done 10 weeks ago on a tiny vein only I noticed. Now the area looks a thousand times worse. I can't wear shorts I'm so embarrassed. I'm terrified to go back... READ MORE

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Great review! I'm 32 and just got diagnosed with this. Going in 3 weeks for my first laser treatment on my right leg. Not looking forward to it! READ COMMENT

So glad to hear you are feeling better! To bad we don't live close to each other, we could have ran together lol READ COMMENT

I am so sorry your in pain still! Could it be from your bra maybe? I get a little sore around my ribcage just from the sports bra band, other than that nothing. Have you told your PS about it? I am not sure if I am just abnormal in my... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry to hear that, how awful for you. I won't be much help I didn't experience that, but I'm sending healing wishes your way. I've read about that and it sounds like it will heal up but it takes awhile... Hang in there and keep... READ COMMENT

Are you wearing a sports bar or the surgical bra still? what helped me was I bought these super soft almost t-shirt material sports bra type things at Kohls. I wear one of those under my sports bra, and it really helped. That and gold... READ COMMENT