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This review seems a bit over the top... READ COMMENT

You have been rather aggressive on this forum, telling people to 'buy shoes,' advising they should just 'be happy' within themselves, complaining that 70 year olds look like their faces are going to break and accusing women here of... READ COMMENT

When you pay money to someone for a service and are promised certain results you should be able to get a refund when those results aren't what you were promised. It's pretty simple really. Doesn't matter if it's cosmetic or not, good... READ COMMENT

This review doesn't seem fake at all! Totally genuine and authentic! Not advertising or anything! Actually you know what? Why don't we all start botox at age 20! READ COMMENT

In my opinion having botox injected incorrectly resulting in weeks of deformity is a very valid reason for a refund at the very least, and if they won't give you one, you should shame them into giving you one. If this was any other... READ COMMENT