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Possible to Increased Dorsal Height and Reduce Tip Size at the Same Time?

Trauma has left me with inner and outer valve collapse and cartilaginous saddle deformity couple with a deviated septum and fractured tip cartilage, making the tip droop. In... READ MORE

Reattaching Lower Lateral Cartilage to the Nasal Spine?

After a case of trauma, the left side of my lower lateral cartilage became deviated from my nasal spine (when I push up and in on it I can hear it clicking back into place and... READ MORE

Middle-vault Collapse and Detached Lateral Cartilage Due To Trauma, What Can I Do To Fix This?

Due to trauma in which my nasal tip was hit very hard it seems this has caused its detachment from essential areas for support and has made the bridge/middle vault cartilage... READ MORE

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From the pic you show your nose looks completely fine, maybe a tad bit swollen but would never know you had any work done without having been told in the first place unless you had a dramatic change and I had known what you looked like... READ COMMENT