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36c with 425cc - What Size Will I Be?

I'm 5'5 and weight 135 i have this size to big for me. the doctor is putting 425cc HP.what size will i be. i only want to be a full C or a 32D READ MORE

If I’m a 36c Bra Size,and I Get 425cc HP. What Sizw Will I Be?

If I’m a 36c bra size from victoria secrets. and the doctor want to put 425 HP. under the muscle. is that going to be a full D or a DD. i only want to be a full C or a... READ MORE

Im a 36c and the Dr Recommend 425cc HP Saline. I Want to Be a Small D. Please Help

I dont want to have a breast fold, i dont want them to high,i want a natural look, and i dont want my implants to point out. the Dr recommended 425CC HP saline. that size seems... READ MORE

475cc Moderate Plus to Big for Me? I'm a 36C. I Want That Natural Implant Look.

I went to my Consultation. And the dr.recommended 475cc moderate plus saline under the muscle. i have wide hips. small waist. i lost 45 pounds and my boobs drop. i weight... READ MORE

One is Droping then the Other Implant is That Normal? 12 Days Post Off.

One implant is higher then the other one.i got saline round The massages hurt. but its not that bad day by day its getting better. READ MORE

2.5 year post op of Breast Implants, I feel pain on my left implant. Is this normal?

They are saline. Sometimes i get sharp pains. Sometimes it just to hurt out of no where, even if I don't wear a bra. Why does it hurt? READ MORE

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WASHINGTON DC1566 450cc is a good maybe even 475cc. if you had a tummy tuck already. you are going to fine. the pain is not that bad. but everyone is different. Congrats on your body make over. you are going be so happy. READ COMMENT

Brina27 you are going to be so happy. Congrats =D READ COMMENT

Update: i ended up getting 500cc. saline. under the muscle. im a month now. i went to get measured and im a 36D. so far im so happy. READ COMMENT

Pam1327 I was a 36c. I’m 5'5 i weight 145. the Dr. put 475cc implant but filled up to 500cc. round smooth saline, under the muscle. i so happy with them so far. my recovery is going good. the only thing is that my right boob is r... READ COMMENT

Im super excited, but scared also..its a weird feeling =) READ COMMENT