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How Can I Prevent Hair Loss After my Weight Loss Surgery?

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What is the healing process like from Ematrix?

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What is a caregiver's role to someone who just had a Facelift?

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Tracheotomy Scars and Neck Lift?

What kind of procedures would be good for patients who want a tracheotomy scar removed and a neck lift? Is Botox an option? READ MORE

Is Recovery Better for a Juvederm Than Botox when Used to Reduce Laugh Lines?

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What Are Hair Transplant Procedures for Treating Male Alopecia?

Are the options for men the same as women for alopecia? What options are there for limiting the visible scars? READ MORE

Breast Reduction Consult?

What type of medical information should I bring to my physician at a breast reduction consultation? What other aspects of my life and schedule should be discussed? What should... READ MORE

How much does Botox cost for migraine treatment?

Compared to long-term migraines medications, is botox an economical option? What is the success rate of botox for migraines? READ MORE

What is the Significance of a Rash After a Dysport Treatment?

I read in a patient's review she got rashes and itchy welts after Dysport ( What kind of side effects... READ MORE