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All on 4 can work well for some people but at Clear Choice they use this method for everyone. Here is an interesting article comparing All on 4 to All on 6 - The special price being offered here is... READ COMMENT

Upfront I will state I am not a fan of Clear Choice. But what are they doing? At the very, very, least I would expect that if you are getting IV sedation that you are out. To be aware during the procedure wasn't the way it was... READ COMMENT

Beth - Do you want to know what the price is for a single implant at Clear Choice? If so I would guess $2,000 - $3,000. They actually aren't excited about doing 1 tooth. To almost everyone they recommend having all your teeth... READ COMMENT

The current price at Clear Choice is about $20,000 per arch or $40,000 full mouth. When I was checking it was closer to $50,000. Their prices are coming down. Jeremy - if you are getting a full mouth for $29,300 this is a new low... READ COMMENT

If you look at the posts from people who went to Costa Rica the costs for dental are between $10,000 - $16,000. Compare that to Clear Choice - $40,000. How much do you think travel and hotel is? MIne was the highest $16,000. ... READ COMMENT