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Zoom whitening very effective

This is the second time I've had Zoom teeth whitening. The first time was about 8 years ago and I was extremely happy with the results. Travelling to India I thought I'd go for a freshen up, although my teeth are only a little bit discoloured. I chose the dentist from looking around on the... READ MORE

First botox experience

The lines around my eyes have bothered me for a little while, they show up when I put on a really big smile. I've thought about botox but not very seriously. Then I thought, while in India, why not?? I went to a well known hospital in Mumbai and met with a very attentive doctor from the... READ MORE

Lasik surgery for extreme hyperopia

This is the end of a very long journey for me, one that has led me all the way from Australia to Mumbai, India. I wish I had more time to reflect but I have to be up early for surgery tomorrow and thought writing something is better than nothing. My background is that I have extreme hyperopia,... READ MORE

Horrible Experience with Local Tattooist - Australia, AU

I originally had my tattoo eyeliner done somewhere else, and it was nice but barely noticeable. A while later I saw that a local tattooist was having a special, and unfortunately I got sucked in by the cheap price.... During the consultation I asked her to draw on my eyebrows, and when she... READ MORE

Better but considering a revision

So I had rhinoplasty 2 days ago. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I came to the US with the intention of having a couple of procedures. Right now I am 2 days post op and concerned that my nose looks short and upturned.... Will it really correct itself so much that it looks like... READ MORE

Removal of cosmetic eyeliner and eyebrows

I have had cosmetic eyeliner and eyebrows for about 3 or 4 years and have begun the process of removing it with the picosure laser. It involves numbing the eye, placing in metal eye shields, and zapping the tattooed areas. The aftermath is some bruising which takes about a week to clear and... READ MORE

Revision Otoplasty to Improve Symmetry

I had my first otoplasty back in February because I felt the tops of my ears stuck out and weren't very symmetrical. If I wore my hair down they poked out like pixie ears! I wanted to feel more comfortable wearing my hair up so I ended up going to a nice doctor in San Diego. I was fully awake... READ MORE

Co2 Eyelids + Nose.. Too aggressive

It's day 5 since my procedure and I'm nowhere near healed yet. Can't go anywhere or do anything. Trying to be patient and accept my fate for the next few days.... Originally I was booked in for full face of fraxel repair at the same time but the doctor deemed me at high risk of hyerpigmentation... READ MORE

Questions from catreal09

Considering a Subtle Rhinoplasty. Opinions Please!

Hi all I'm considering a rhinoplasty to give my face more definition and a softer profile. I've had my first consultation and was recommended a subtle rhinoplasty,... READ MORE

Vision Correction Options for High Hyperopia and Some Astigmatism?

I'm a 23 year old female with a glasses prescription of +600 / -025 x 15 and +750 / -175 x 168. My vision is something that has affected me my whole life, socially and... READ MORE

How to fix red marks left from laser mole removal?

I had a few moles burnt off with a laser 3 months ago. This has left some light coloured redish marks / scars which bother me, although they are definitely an improvement on... READ MORE

Should I use picosure for cosmetic tattoos?

I got cosmetic eyeliner and eyebrows a few years ago - big mistake! I have had 1 picosure treatment on both areas, and it is expensive and painful around the eyes where I... READ MORE

What kind of treatment could be done on my overly projected bottom lip and jaw area? (Photos)

Hello, I've been looking at profile shots of myself and I feel as though my bottom lip and jaw area may be too projected. What could be done to provide an improvement? Would... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty for droopy tip. Is there a surgeon out there that can give me the nose I want without making it too short? (Photos)

I want rhinoplasty for my droopy tip but I'm concerned I might end up with a short nose. It's already quite small. I've attached a photo of what I want. Elegant with possibly a... READ MORE

I have scar on the white part of eye (sclera) from strabismus surgery. Can it be fixed?

One year ago I had surgery for strabismus in my right eye using adjustable sutures. I now have two scars from the incisions that are a greyish pinkish colour. I think the... READ MORE

I think I have mild ptosis, is this fixable with eyelid surgery? Or is there more going on? (photos)

Hi doctors, I've noticed in photos that my right eye is slightly more closed than my left eye. When I smile the area under my eye wrinkles up differently. From reading on this... READ MORE

Why didn't my nose turn out as promised after my first rhinoplasty? Is it easy to fix? (Photo)

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty over 4 months ago with an experienced surgeon. I'm disappointed with the results. My nose doesn't look anything like the imagining - it is shorter,... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty results do not look like computer imaging. Can this be used as evidence to attain a refund? (Photo)

I had a rhinoplasty about 6 months ago and it looks nothing like what was promised. The computer imagining shows deprojection, a nice slope, shorter nostrils, and a refined tip... READ MORE

Will an otoplasty revision improve the shape of my ears? (Photos)

I had ear pinning about 6 months ago. I'm not happy with the shape, it is pulling inwards in the middle whereas I'd prefer a straight of slightly out-turned shape in the middle... READ MORE

Will laser resurfacing be enough to fix my hooded eyelids? (Photos)

I'm 27 and have noticed some minor hooding on my eyelids. It is more prominent on one side so the lower crease on one side makes my eyes appear assymetrical. Would laser... READ MORE

What treatment options do I have for eyelid asymmetry and overall rejuvenation? (Photos)

Hi, I'm 27 and am concerned about fine lines and hollowness under eyes, and assymetry of eyelids and eyebrows. What combination of treatment options should I consider and in... READ MORE

What can I do about dynamic wrinkles under the eyes? Filler, laser? (Photos)

I can get botox for my crows feet but that doesn't stop the bunching under my eyes. What about laser (erbium, co2) followed by filler? Is this a good strategy? READ MORE

My nose looks much wider 8 months post rhinoplasty. Why? (photo)

I had an open rhinoplasty 8 months ago. I feel that the front view is worse than before - it's wide and short, with unattractive nostrils exposed. It has lost an elegant inward... READ MORE

Can an eyebrow lift correct a very small amount of asymmetry precisely?

One of my eyebrows is slightly lower than the other. Say a couple of millimeters. I have spoken to three oculoplastic surgeons who did not recommend any surgical correction.... READ MORE

I want a lateral brow lift to correct about 2mm of asymmetry on my right brow. Are there any surgeons happy to do this?

My right eyebrow is slightly lower than my left and can be corrected by holding up the skin near the arch and tail end. I have been recommend botox however I want it fixed... READ MORE

What's the difference between Fraxel repair 70% ablative and co2 fully ablative?

I have visited two dermatologists regarding laser resurfacing for the face. They both suggested erbium and co2 for the eye area, however one recommended fraxel repair 70%... READ MORE

How long after thigh liposuction can I have ankle/calf liposuction if done separately?

Hi doctors, I may be having my thighs and ankles/calves liposuctioned by different doctors. The reason is that the first lipo doctor has not done many calves so I'd rather go... READ MORE

Will tightness soften over time after CO2 resurfacing under eyes?

I had co2 resurfacing on my upper and lower eyelids a week ago. My skin feels a bit too tight under my eyes. When I yawn it pulls the lower eyelid skin back. Is this... READ MORE

Does this look like a scar post CO2 laser resurfacing? If so, what should be done about it? (Photo)

I had fractional co2 and erbium on my upper and lower eyelids 2 weeks ago. I've noticed a thin red mark under one eye. It appears raised under the light. Is it a scar? How... READ MORE

Is my CO2 laser recovery abnormal? (Photos)

I had fractional co2 and erbium 2.5 weeks ago. I'm 27 and had nice skin with no scars, but some laxity. I know it's early in the healing process but I'm concerned because I... READ MORE

Is my skin ruined forever from co2 laser? (Photo)

I had erbium and co2 laser 4 weeks ago to tighten my eye area. My skin is raised, bumpy, shiny and leathery. Makeup doesn't cover the damage properly. Is my skin ruined... READ MORE

The type of blepharoplasty that changes the depth of the eyelid being pulled inwards. What do I need to know?

Hello, I recently consulted with 3 oculoplastic surgeons regarding my eyelid asymmetry. One of them told me this was due to my eyelid "sucking in" more on one side. He said he... READ MORE

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