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Melanotan and Melanotan II are not approved by the U.S. FDA as a  injectable tanner, a prevention of skin cancer or for any other reason.  In fact, a company marketing this product has received FDA warnings (see http://www.fda... READ COMMENT

Modus is a skincare system designed to control irregular pigmentation. There are a number of skincare systems and products in this category that use the terms "brightening" or "lightening". Some call it "skin bleaching". Modus does... READ COMMENT

Its important to understand that any specific "award", designation or credential by a physician may have little to do with training, outcomes, patient satisfaction or even ability. Designations can be awarded for things as... READ COMMENT

My first question is: What are you trying to treat with Thermage? What are your goals, or what are you hoping the outcome will be? Next, I would make certain that you discuss specifically your appearance concerns and treatment... READ COMMENT

Reality is that beauty companies can publish or promote stats that are derived from biased or limited research. They are not bound to double-blind placebo studies, or to a minimum population because the results are not used for any... READ COMMENT