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Horrible Results - Canada

I had 2 treatments, one year apart. After the first treatment,my face swelled beyond recognition, with weeping and crusting and oozing. After the swelling went down my face had huge pore sizes and terrible wrinkling. I also had dark circles under the eyes. I went back to see the Derm. and she said it was temporary. A year past, my skin remained very dry and bumpy with loads of tiny... READ MORE

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Fraxel Treatments Have Left Skin Bumpy, Purplish, Wrinkled. What Should I Do?

Had extreme reaction and swelling. 7 months after last treatment now I am suffering with large pores, white bumpy orange peel texture ,dark purplish colour that is worsened by... READ MORE

No Subcataneous Fat Between Facial Skin and SMAS, Have any of You Seen this Before?

I recently had a facelift. When my Plastic Surgeon lifted the skin, he found no subcataneous fat layer between the skin and the muscle. NONE! In his 30 years of practise he had... READ MORE

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I too still have major skin issues almost two years later. I had a facelift 3 months ago which has helped the sagging from volume loss but the skin still has the enlarged pores / orange peel / discoloration texture problems. I... READ COMMENT

I am not sure if you can access this show. I am from Canada and this past week on CTV network W5 (similar to 60 minutes) aired a segment on medical cosmetic lasers. If you go to and find the show "W5" you should be able to... READ COMMENT

I am 14 months from my two fraxel treatments. My skin looks exactly like yours. I have tried loads of products and it has not improved at all. In fact I think it is worse as it is more deflated and the pores are now collasping and... READ COMMENT

I am unfamiliar with how to use Vitamin C. Did you have a specific product? I have tried to research it but find it confusing. Did you use it at night or more than once per day? I have been applying Vitamin E oil at night with... READ COMMENT

Bowman9 Have you used any products that have helped to smooth your skin texture? I recently returned to my Derm. I was prescribed hydrocortizone cream but that has only caused more problems. The only thing my Derm will admit regarding... READ COMMENT