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Botox in Masseters Resulting in Buccal Fat Pad Herniation - New York, NY

Pros: Last time I had this treatment done, I loved the result. I loved my more contoured, feminine jawline, and the atrophy of my masseters has really brought out my cheekbones. Cons: This time, I had the same amount injected, but it seemed to have caused an over-weakening of my left masseter, resulting in "pseudo-herniation on the buccal fat pad." When I smile, a distinct lump... READ MORE

Questions from KitteNYC

Unilateral Facial Edema with Unknown Etiology - Please Help

Hi! I've been suffering from unilateral facial edema of what appears to be my left salivary gland for 2.5 weeks now. It's very noticeable when I smile. I received 40... READ MORE

Unilateral Facial Swelling After 40 Units of Botox in Masseters, Is This Reversable?

A month ago, I had a 2nd treatment of botox to my masseters. I had one 6 months prior, when my Dr. injected 42 units over 2 sessions. This time, I wanted the 40 units all at... READ MORE

Pseudoherniation of the Buccal Fat Pad

Hi, I seem to be suffering from herniation of the buccal fat pad following an over-weakening of my left masseter muscle after I had 40 units of botox injected. I've read... READ MORE

Pseudoherniation of the Buccal Fat Pad from Botox Injection, is a Unilateral Buccal Lipectomy an Option?

I am suffering from a non-traumatic pseudoherniation of the Buccal fat pad in my left cheek. It was caused by an incorrectly placed botox injection to my buccinator muscle.... READ MORE

Lasting Pseudoherniation of the Buccal Fat Pad/peri-oral Mound After Second Botox Treatment to Masseters

Hi! I had 42 units injected to each masseter last September. In may, I repeated the treatment. My face is unnaturally thin now, and since may, my left peri-oral mound is... READ MORE

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How are you doing? READ COMMENT

Hi, I don't have TMJ though. I did this for cosmetic reasons. READ COMMENT

ALTHOUGH i have to add: i started chewing gum on the side that was affected (this masseter was always bigger) and now my masseters are asymmetrical again. FML. You really can't win. The problem, despite my masseters gaining what seems... READ COMMENT

Hey true2type, how are you doing? I've been looking at the pictures I'd posted back in may, and gosh, the improvement is pretty obvious. It sure is SLOW slow that it literally does not look different even over a month... READ COMMENT