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Blurred Vision After Sculptra

Had 1 vial of sculptra yesterday. Two injections in temples, in chin and under eyes (low & deep beneath muscle, not thin skin area close to eye). Main swelling went down in... READ MORE

How Can We Be Sure That 1 Vial of Sculptra is Being Injected?

My doctor likes to dilute Sculptra with water to help prevent lumps & with a local anaesthetic. I'm happy with these reasons, but I'm worried how easy it would be... READ MORE

Botox Too Strong. Muslces Fighting. Awful Headaches. How Long?

Just a few hrs after having botox for frown lines for 1st time it took effect. I was happy. A week later I'm really suffering as my muscles are fighting to frown, but... READ MORE

Could Lifestyle Effect Collagen Production Between Sculptra Treatments?

Some people are slow to produce collagen during sculptra treatments and some produce it quickly. Could lifestyle be a factor? Could it be that lots of stress, lack of sleep,... READ MORE

If a Woman Got Preganant Either Soon After, or Within 2 Years, Her 3rd Sculptra Injection, Could This Harm the Baby?

Or maybe even sculptra is still in the system 3, 4 or 5 years after injections and this could harm the baby? Could it be that sculptra could effect fertility even? READ MORE

Sculptra: What Can I So to Speed Up Production of Collagen? 2 Vials in 6 Weeks and No Results Yet.

Is it normal to have had 2 vails in 6 weeks and not notice much yet? Why am I slower to respond than others? READ MORE

Only a Few Hours Inflammation After 1st Vial of Sculptra and 4 Days of Inflammation After 2nd Vail. Is This Normal?

How is it that: After the 1st vial the inflammation took just a few hours to go down. After the 2nd vial the inflammation took 4 days to go down. Why did the inflammation go... READ MORE

Can Different Injection Techniques Cause Different Response Times?

It's been 3 months and 3 vials of sculptra but there are no visual results. The skin just feels better to the touch. Can different injection techniques cause different... READ MORE

Can a Volumising HA Filler Be Injected Deeply Soon After Sculptra Injection in Similar Areas?

I'm not thinking of the light superficial HA fillers but the deeper and thicker volumising HA Fillers. Are the thicker HA fillers injected as deeply as sculptra? If so, is... READ MORE

Do 'Depot' Injections of Sculptra Cause Lumps and 'Tracking' Techniques Almost Eliminate Such Risks?

As the tracking technique produces much better results and also doesn't cause lumps as depot injections do, then why is the tracking technique not performed by more doctors? READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Injected Along the Lateral Side of the Face/cheeks? Is It Too Superficial to Inject There?

Why do some doctors only inject sculptra at the front of the face and not at the sides? Is it because this would involved superficial injections that would risk showing lumps... READ MORE

What is Best for Building Up Cheek Bone Significantly? Sculptra, Radiesse or HA Filler Eg Teosyal, Perlane or Voluma?

I don't mean the whole cheek area including the mid face, I just mean the upper cheek bone and to pull the eye troughs out so they are less visible. Would this be too... READ MORE

Why Do I Get Such a Strong Response to a Low Dose of Botox in the Glabellar Region?

1st time - 20 units Awful. The next day I was completely paralysed in the glabellar and it got worse, along with a botox headache, for a week which was unbearable. I looked so... READ MORE

Does Skin Stretch When Using Sculptra or HA Fillers? Could this Cause More Sagginess and Wrinkles when the Effects Go Down?

How can the skin shrink back to the tightness it was before it was filled? Once you have fillers in one place doesn't this mean you have to keep filling the same area where... READ MORE

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Thanks so much for your reviews. It's much appreciated as I've been thinking of doing fat transfer and this is so helpful. I have so much respect for you taking time to do this. I'm sure you've helped a lot of people. You look so... READ COMMENT

How are your under eyes now years later? Is everything ok? Did you go back for more? READ COMMENT