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Hi, My name is Andrea I'm the office manager at a laser Institute. (For reason stated by our lawyer and this website it is in our best interest not to disclose our exact office location, but I didn't want to hide behind a false... READ COMMENT

Just another perspective in regards to insurance companies and the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical companies and their agendas. You have to bare in mind they are a business. I really think this would benefit some people... READ COMMENT

How is science that has been studied for 20 some plus years fooling people? There are people who devote their entire careers to the study of lasers and how it effects the body in different ways, People have different expertise in... READ COMMENT

How are they not as trained when I just showed you their education is more extensive in some aspects? you are judging an industry on one doctors response. And your insurance will only approve someone they are in network with because... READ COMMENT

Any doctor who actually cares for his patients would not try and "rip" anyone off. The simple truth is that some doctors in any field just aren't as good as others, It doesnt make the science behind zerona any less true. Anyone or... READ COMMENT