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Botox is Overhyped and Can Go HORRIBLY Wrong; Not So Simple - Salem, VA

I have done botox many times, never had a problem (never really noticed a difference either, but then, I'm more a sagger than a wrinkler I think. Wrinkles don't bother me but I have done it for the "botox brow lift", the nose lines (I tend to overscrunch!) and...oh that's it. Well, I usually went to the same doc and she had introduced me to a new one, the botox to kind of lift the... READ MORE

Sculptra -- Nothing Bad Happened but It's a WASTE of Money! - Salem, VA

Okay....I will not put pics up but if people want to email I can get the pics from my doctor so you can see what's up. My motivation was to get more fat back into my too skinny, already drooping face. It makes me sad to see pics of myself and I want to stop feeling depressed about that! It's easy to do if you've had fillers before and know what is going to happen, but IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!... READ MORE

Testing out Generic Retin-A from US Vs Overseas Tretinoin - Charlottesville, VA

Okay -- so I convinced my friend to use ourselves as human guinea pigs and try this tretinoin .1 percent I got from an online pharmacy for like six bucks (yeah, yeah, I know all the docs say not to trust overseas pharmacies but I can't stand the three hundred dollar price tag for the stuff here, that hasn't gone generic yet!) I am putting the stuff from overseas which is .1 percent (I know I... READ MORE

Questions from nadiahoney

How Can Some Places Charge Up to a Thousand Less for Ulthera Than Others? Is There a Diff

I have seen ulthera for so much more (4000) in VA than in FLA or even Beverly Hills -- it costs like 2500 there -- all for the same thing!! How can this be? Please explain. I... READ MORE

I Would Like to Fix a Droopy, Too Bulbous Nose Tip Ten Years After the Original Nose Job; What Would You Suggest?

I had a nose job ten years ago as a present. Well I should have researched better because it's not great, not horrible -- but it's been getting droopier and bigger at... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Get Ulthera Two or Three Days After Getting Botox?

I am getting ulthera done by a so-so residential nurse on Monday, and botox on Fri. Have had botox before. Is this ok -- I mean, will it make the botox go away faster? READ MORE

Ultherapy Should Not Hurt, Right?

I read that ulthera should not be painful (as it was for me) if the doctor is aware of where facial nerves and bones are, and performs the procedure correctly. Why did mine... READ MORE

How Far Away Are We from an Anti-aging Pill/injection -- or Has It Already Been Invented for the Privileged Few?

I remember the telomere research that won a Nobel prize (which also has use for many diseases.) I also recall reading about something derived from astralagus root (but... READ MORE

Why Do Toothpastes Claim to Regrow Enamel?

Is it illegal (or false business claim/fraud) for all the toothpastes I see to claim that they can REGROW enamel? Isn't this impossible, so far -- although I know they have... READ MORE

Can Artefill Be Used over a Sculptra-filled Area?

Can artefill be used over an area that has been treated with sculptra in the past? Also, what is the difference between artefill and sculptra? Does the stuff in these things... READ MORE

Why Do Docs Say to Only Do TCA at a Doctor's Office Since It's So Easy to Follow Directions?

When you get a 90 dollar peel a derm's office, they peel your skin by painting on a solution then send you home with specific instructions about how to care for your skin. How... READ MORE

Now That They Have Had the Benefits of Experience Behind Them, Does Ultherapy

I had ultherapy several years back when it first came out. I definitely was far from impressed esp. considering the cost (as were many people I have noticed.) But I have been... READ MORE

When fillers are done for a while, do decent doctors take into account underlying tissue and muscle?

I have done fillers with good surgeons and find that they can veer dangerously close to Madonna-fake looking over time. EVEN the ones that supposedly add collagen can do this.... READ MORE

Why aren't there anything dentists use to paint over/protect teeth yet?

We wear shoes on our feet, sunscreen on skin -- why isn't there anything out there yet that protects teeth or regrows enamel from the elements? Is it really that difficult to... READ MORE

Can a numbing shot from a dentist in the mouth area do something awful to the Radiesse I got the day before? Will it move?

I LOVED my radiesse. I was very very happy with my broader cheeks. Not only did she get it EXACTLY how I would want it, there was NO bruising. The next day I went to the... READ MORE

What is the science behind the "Liquid Cone technology" that Rodan and Fields patented for their new Acute Care line?

I have looked all over the web for an explanation but all I find is marketers. I just want to understand the "robotic" technology that drives the ingredients into the skin and... READ MORE

Does growth hormone really work for anti-aging? Do doctors prescribe this for themselves and for patients? Would they?

I have read that Suzanne Somers and Madonna use growth hormone and that some doctors self-inject. I know how it works, just curious to know how many doctors on here would use... READ MORE

Doc said I am not ready for eye lift, that laser is best option. Which laser works best to improve slightly sagging skin?

I have so far seen two plastic surgeons. One offers dot matrix laser for my undereyes (and full face), the other says erbium works just as well as CO 2 laser resurfacing. She... READ MORE

I have been told that I am not ready for an eye lift by a surgeon. I want under eye tightening -- which laser is best?

One surgeon says she would do the ultrablative erbium by sciton, and she says it can shrink and lift skin (you can even see it as she passes over it, she says.) The other... READ MORE

I need six front crowns or veneers in Mexico. How do a find a good, affordable dentist?

My dentist here messed up my four front veneers that have cost me double (eight thousand) so I have opted to get more affordable veneers or crowns in Mexico. How do I find a... READ MORE

Do liquid facelifts and temporary fillers cause future sagginess once they disappear?

I have heard this before, have gotten temporary fillers for YEARS, and recently read an article referring to the sagging temporary fillers can cause. It kind of makes sense,... READ MORE

Discussions started by nadiahoney

Do some areas of the country simply have fewer decent doctors?

For a real surgery I don't want to go more than three hours away. To be honest, I consider Virginia a "less intelligent" state. I have lived in areas like Strasbourg, France,... READ MORE

Why does it seem like doctors want to make everyone look the same, like some "uncanny valley" replica?

I have started to see something alarming on television and elsewhere. It seems that doctors were given a "how to create a good looking woman" manual so much of the time. I am... READ MORE

Why are twenty and thirty year olds getting face lifts and botox? Or did this always happen and I just never knew?

I now know three women who have done botox since their EARLY twenties -- I never had a wrinkle I noticed until thirty! Then yesterday I met a woman who was twenty eight and had... READ MORE

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David86 I agree! Great minds think alike:) READ COMMENT

You DO NOT look way older, but I bet you are hearing this anyway. I say this because I know so many 20 year olds -- heck even 15 or 16 year olds -- who are horrifyingly going in for more and more surgery, and things have really... READ COMMENT

I am pretty sure it is not JUST hyaluronic acid, from what I remember reading. Collagen fillers are not the same as HA fillers, and Sculptra and Radiesse are entirely different from EITHER of these. The fact is, if you... READ COMMENT

Lots of things I've read (I am wanting this so badly but haven't had time and also waiting to have a cushion of cash, and I want to be less stressed at some point) say that the nose will change for a WHILE and lips always swell a ton,... READ COMMENT

Poor thing I have low progesterone too, most likely from getting too thin and stressed. It sucks. I am considering going to get bio-identical progesterone rather than artificial progestin, which could have been the cause of... READ COMMENT