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Yours are by far, the mist natural and subtle I've seen. Too many are too dark, too squared or too perfect compared to the original brow shape. You look great with a "naked" face where most brows seem to require a full face makeup to... READ COMMENT

I'm curious when others are able to get a re-do or even a completely new procedure without additional cost. I seemed to sign my life away before the procedure. I was told if it was unsatisfactory I could get a re-do by the same doctors... READ COMMENT

I also wonder how to get the Doc. to redo or smooth the mess. The contract I signed said they redo after 6 months. I was told it's too soon--- then again told give it time, your sign is not that young- now it's too late to even get a... READ COMMENT

I was told the lumps would "absorb" and I didn't wear compression long enough or wore it too long , told to lose weight ( more than I did before procedure) blah, blah... after 18 months it still looks lumpy and uneven. I'm certain the... READ COMMENT

I did not notice a dizziness but just a slight whiffty feeling,along with the headaches and soreness which is now gone. I did continue despite the darker redness and the headache left after about 20 days. I still have the darker under... READ COMMENT