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"Sending offensive private messages talking about their children?" Are you kidding me? Funny how I knew you would say something like that... attention-seeking, yet again. Whom am I stalking? If you would not have brought me (back)... READ COMMENT

Yeah it's so cute that you have to blast out a PRIVATE message on a comment board to get attention and sympathy. If you need that much attention, you should try out for a reality show. I heard they brought Extreme Makeover back. I... READ COMMENT

LOL she was replying to me. @Beanie0305 Appreciate the maturity, I respect your point of view. READ COMMENT

I wasn't even trying to evoke any responses, just leaving a comment like everybody else, they don't send PM's to ask specific questions or offer feedback. I really don't understand why some people choose to get so emotional when I... READ COMMENT