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I Love Me.. I Just Dont Like the Acne.. My Accutane Journey- WEEK 9 - Lewiston, ID

Im 44 and after years of persistant acne ( I mean I NEVER out grew it) The Dr sent me to a dermotoligist and she is starting me on Accutane (generic). I am nervous and excited. I WANT clear skin... Ive taken everything and tried everything and combos of it all. IM DONE! I told her I didnt care what it was I wanted to try SOMETHING. so tomorrow I will begining the treatment. I dont want any... READ MORE

no longer updating this review please check the other they are the same

4'4" 128 lbs 42 yes old mom of 4. 1st at 17. 2nd 15 months later he weighed 10 lbs and I gained 90lbs. Lost all of the weight. 3rd c-section. 4th weighed 7.5 but I weighted 220 AGAIN!I have lost it all and kept it off for over 13 years now. but my body and boobs paid the price. My husband and I met after my second was born (20+ yrs ago) so this is all he had ever known me to look... READ MORE

So Glad I Did . one year out YES! STILL GLAD I DID IT

4'4" 128 lbs 42 yes old mom of 4. 1st at 17. 2nd 15 months later he weighed 10 lbs and I gained 90lbs. Lost all of the weight. 3rd c-section. 4th weighed 7.5 but I weighted 220 AGAIN!I have lost it all and kept it off for over 13 years now. but my body and boobs paid the price. My husband and I met after my second was born (20+ yrs ago) so this is all he had ever known me to look like... READ MORE

Questions from It's been long Enough

Do I Need a Lift? and Would a Cresent with Implants Be Enough?

OK measurments. droop 9" so 22 or 23 cm and BWD is 4.75" so 11.875cm (this is home measurment) NOW with the droop do I NEED a lift to have nice perky full breasts... READ MORE

Am I Being Realalistic?

Ok I just want to know vif I have realalistic expectations of what COULD be done. It is so hard to look at pictures and say "Thats what I want to look like" because... READ MORE

Bromeline and Arnica Montana

Bromeline and Arnica Montana what is the recomended dosage prior to BA and Tummy Tuck surgery? ( will talk to my PS of course!) I just see many people talk about it and how it... READ MORE

How to Properly Wear Rice Sizers

Ok I am not finding my answer so I understand MAKING the sizers but how do you wear them to see what they will look like as implants? AND WHY not in an underwire? Do you put... READ MORE

What is Achieveable and Still Realistic For A Breast Lift With Implants?

I am 5'4" 128 lbs. I AM seeing a BOARD CERTIFIED plastic surgon with hospital privelages.I want a specific LOOK. how do I convey that. Is this understandable... I want... READ MORE

How Do I Choose The Right Implant Size?

I will be getting a vertical lift. I am a saggy 34/36 C. My PS said 375- 425 cc silicone mentor mod +. I tried the 375 and that was the smallest I liked. Would 425cc under the... READ MORE

CBC Before Surgery- What Info Does It Show?

I recently had a physical with blood work, it showed slightly low potassium and thyroid levels. The regular family Dr. is not overly concerned. He said eat high potassium foods... READ MORE

Will I Get Same Look with Silicone As Saline?

Can the same "look" that I am hoping for be achieved in either saline OR silicone? I am wondering because I read of some people who feel that saline looks very round... READ MORE

Does a Tummy Tuck Remove Any Fat?

Getting full TT with muscle repair Jan 2012. Looking at before and after photos many people have some lipo or body sculpting done. Wondering if full TT will remove ANY fat in... READ MORE

Which over the Counter Silicone Sheeting and or Paper Tape Do You Recommend for TT and Breast Lift Scars?

I have read many of you recommend Silicone Sheets (they need be applied less often correct?) and Or Paper Tape... For the Tummy Tuck scars and Breast Lift scars. I have not... READ MORE

Which Muscles Are Repaired During a TT?

I am seeing a Board certified PS. and he has been very helpful. I just have one general question, which I will also ask him next month. I read here on a review about someone... READ MORE

"Protein Shakes Are Especially Good for Optimal Incision Healing"- Is This Correct? How Much Protein Post-TT?

"Protein shakes are especially good for optimal incision healing." this is a DIRECT Quote from a doc here on RS. So can you tell us how much protein is optimal after... READ MORE

Why No Bending over After TT?

FIRST PLEASE NOTE an am doing what I'm told by my PS. I see so many moms who have FULL TT jump into cleaning house. I had FULL TT/BL/BA no lipo. I was told no vacuuming ect... READ MORE

Lift with Implants 5 Weeks Ago, When Will Swelling and Pressure Subside? (photo)

Anchor lift with silicone implants. When should I expect the swelling and pressure when I lean forward, or begin more activities to subside. The left is still odd shaped and... READ MORE

Accutane Treatment to Begin Soon when to Stop Minocycline?

I am 44 and always had acne, not severe but persistant and scaring with my olive complection. Doc tried everything else OC & precrip creams and antibiotics. So Accutane is... READ MORE

Accutane and Fatty Food?

The insert and my Derm. said take my Claravis with a "fatty" meal or food. I see people asking this ALL the time. what HEALTHY fat would be "ideal" to take the meds with. Many... READ MORE

Would Adding Krill Oil Help Keep the Cholesterol Levels In Check While Taking Accutane?

Month 3 of Clavaris. Cholesterol went from 180 to 200 in that time. Would adding Krill Oil help keep the cholesterol levels in check? I eat healthy and walk 60 minutes a day.... READ MORE

Clavaris and Puffy Eyelids After Dosage Increase?

Female 44, 134lbs. All blood work great. Just completed month 3 taking 40mg those months. Dry skin/lips the only issue. Dr. raised dose to 80mg last week (beginning of month 4)... READ MORE

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Consult is 1 month away. what to expect?

Needless to say I have read about as much as my brain can process. I'm sure you all understand. I am sure I am getting surgery here in my home town  I have had TONS of... READ MORE

Gettin up or out of bed. Your choice

Ok so curious what do you guys think is the easiest way to get out of bed or out of a recliner? with the BA and lift and TT things will be VERY sore... so I am looking for tips... READ MORE

Abdominal binders from Macys or?

I am only 8 days post op but am looking forward to going out without the bulky abdominal binder on a few occasions. I know some people wear their bulky one for a while. I will... READ MORE

Stage 2 Garment Recomendations

My PS is board certified. I had Full TT with Muscle repair. and NO lipo. He has said I could switch to a different binder from the store but had no real recomendations as to... READ MORE

how long before you could fit into your jeans again

I am at 3 weeks post op today!! I know everyone is different but would like to hear about how long people wore their yoga pants ect  and when did you start putting on the... READ MORE

Breast feel like they swell if I lean forward

Anyone else have that feeling? I had a lift and Silicone implants AND Full TT. I am 4 weeks post op but I am noticing when I lean forward. Say to type on the computer but... READ MORE

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Gosh life gets busy sorry everyone.. I am just finishing Month 4. Monday will be 4 months. UPDATING. READ COMMENT

Thank you! I did have some revisions if you need to ask me anything DO! I will try to get photos the doc took at 1 year put in.. they are online so it MAY or may not let me save or copy them.. but the last ones I do have still look good... READ COMMENT

Hey girl. Well as you remember my youngest is married and I am now a grandma!! A SEXY HOT GRANDMA! Just loving life and not worrying about being a people pleaser any more. Greatful for my family and so glad I have the hubby I do!! READ COMMENT

I was NOT able to walk upright the very next day. in fact it took a week anyway.. READ COMMENT

Go ahead and scroll through my story if you can in sepetember I believe I made a list and my surgery was January 5th so scroll to that date.. Ill help in any way I can :) READ COMMENT